Thursday, November 1, 2012

Armagh Concert


Today was Libera's first concert in Northern Ireland! This one was at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh! Libera arrived on Tuesday. Luke tweeted that they had seen many potato farms and had eaten many potatoes. lol. Really hope the boys do a blog about this tour!

This concert is getting really good reviews! Shall we review it? :D

Church exterior - photo by Viabuona

Beautiful lights in St. Patrick's Cathedral - stage set up and string quartet
warming up. Photo by Fan de LoK

Front of cathedral - photo by Viabuona

Concert ticket - it says "The shimmering sounds of Libera in the
wonderful setting of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh." :D

There are 31 choristers! Wow! And 2 are newbies! :D

1.   Henry Barrington
2.   Anthony Blake
3.   Tiarnan Branson
4.   Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
5.   Jude Collins
6.   Luke Collins
7.   Kavana Crossley
8.   Thomas Delgado-Little
9.   Dylan Duffy
10. Benjamin Fairman
11. Daniel Fontannaz
12. Matthew Jansen
13. Anthony Kerr-Munley *newbie
14. Stefan Leadbeater
15. Isaac London
16. Alessandro MacKinnon-Botti *newbie
17. Joshua Madine
18. Matthew Madine
19. Eoghan McCarthy
20. Oscar McFall
21. Michael Menezes
22. Sammy Moriarty
23. Kuba Niedermaier-Reed
24. Cassius O'Connell-White
25. Matthew Rangel-Alvares
26. Carlos Rodriguez
27. Ralph Skan
28. Bertie Smart
29. Michael Ustynovych-Repa
30. Sam Wiggin
31. Lucas Wood

Super excited that Josh is still singing and playing the piano at 18 years old! We're missing Jakob de Menezes-Wood and Adrian Sheard, but happy to have Stefan, Oscar, Sammy, Carlos and Ralph back who did not tour in the Summer!

There was no large piano. Robert Prizeman stood to the left to conduct. There were 2 keyboards which were played by Steven Geraghty, Josh Madine and Ian Tilley! Woo! There was a string quartet. Simon Roth is back at percussion. Jonathan Barrington is doing Stage Management! :D

Front of concert program - photo by Fan de LoK

Song List - photo by Fan de LoK

Choristers and staff list - photo by Fan de LoK

Signed concert program - photo by Yuki

1. Dies Irae - Fabulous song to open the concert. The solo was by Ciaran with Matthew R-A.

2. Gloria - Matthew R-A sang the high part.

Speech - Cassius and Ben said the youngest there tonight is 9 years old!

3. Eternal Light - Many people loved this song! Solo by Jude with Thomas!

4. Voca Me - Love this song! The solo was sung by Ciaran, high part by Thomas.

5. Sanctus - The final Sanctus was sung by Matthew Jansen.

Speech - Cassius and Michael U-R with Moose!

6. I Vow To Thee My Country - Matthew J accompanied in parts by Dylan and Thomas.

7. Salva - Matthew R-A is still hitting those high notes! :D

8. Be Still My Soul - So excited that this song is on the set list! The lower harmonies are so great. They sang the beginning part a cappella. Solo by Matthew J and Thomas with Dylan and Sam.

Speech - Jude introducing the musicians.

9. How Shall I Sing That Majesty - If you're not going to end the concert with this song, then go to intermission with it. Am I right?! :D Eoghan sang the solo!

- Interval -

10. Mysterium - Very nice solo by Jude!

11. Orinoco Flow - Great song! Glad they kept it!

Speech - Michael U-R.

12. Far Away - Solo by the strong voice of Isaac. :D

13. The Fountain - Solo by Matthew J and Thomas.

14. Grateful Heart - Solo by Thomas and Michael U-R.

15. Ave Verum - Love this one! Josh played the piano for this song. Solo by Dylan, Mathew J, Ciaran and Henry. When they formed the "V", Tiarnan was at the front with Sammy then Daniel on the left, Ralph then Stefan on the right.

Speech - Daniel on how some of them have had voice changes and so they have to learn new, lower harmony parts.

16. Sanctissima - Solo by Eoghan with Thomas

17. Stay With Me - Solo by Cassius with Matthew R-A on high parts.

18. Glory To Thee - Solo by Eoghan.

Speech - Ben thanks everyone for coming.

19. Exultate - Solo by Thomas

Encore: part of Libera - They used this as an encore in the US 2010 tour. Love it!

And now what we've been waiting for! Some pictures from the concert. These are from Yuki who is always so good to share with us! :D

Michael U-R, Ben, newbie Anthony K or Alessandro?, Thomas, Jude

Dylan, Cassius, Anthony B, Stefan, Matthew J, Eoghan, Ralph, Kavana

Anthony B, Stefan, Matthew J, Eoghan, Ralph, Kavana, Daniel, Henry, Josh

Henry, Josh, Matthew R-A, Tiarnan, Matthew M, Sammy, Oscar

Oscar, Carlos, newbie Anthony K or Alessandro?, Luke, Sam, Kuba, Ciaran

Bertie, Isaac, Lucas, Michael M

So happy that the concert went so well! :D

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