Monday, November 19, 2012

London Concert Reviews & Pictures

I didn't get to go to the London concert, but there are a few people who did and posted reviews so that we could share in the joy!

Photos by Bullehynka

Lucy is a Libera fan from China but studied and now works in London. Lucky girl! She wrote a lovely review and posted pictures. Thank you, Lucy! Lucy's Review

Maarten is a fan of Libera and choral music in general. He is from the Netherlands and wrote a really great review with pictures of his trip to London and the concert. He makes you feel like you were at the concert with him. Thank you, Maarten!  Maarten's Review

Bullehynka is a Libera fan from France. She always takes the most beautiful pictures and posts them to share with everyone. Thank you, Bullehynka! Bullehynka's Pictures

Thank you to Libera and Robert Prizeman for a great year of concerts! Can't wait to see what 2013 brings! :D

Please remember to give credit to the photographers if you copy and pictures and repost them.

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