Saturday, August 24, 2013

Loose Moose Is Back ~ Episode 3, Part 1!!!

Guess who's back?!?!?! Ok, yes, I am...but that's not what I mean. lol. The boys are back! Our favorite Loose Moose are back in an all new Episode 3 (Part 1) of their awesome and seriously random web show!

First, I need to give a blip to the trailer, cuz I'm impressed with the way they fit all the clips together. The music is great, the clips they chose make you excited, but don't give away too much, and the random clips of them together are hilarious! Whoever put this one together needs to do trailers for some movies, because this is better than a lot that I've seen.

Moving on to Part 1!!

We open with a "Love ya" sketch with Alex and Jonathan. Alex's voice is hilarious! (I may or may not be saying "Aww thank ya Mr. Kind Sir" to anyone that helps me now.) Still trying to figure out if that's a toy gun..."Don't worry bout that." I think it is lol. And Jonathan's face at the end is priceless!

Then we segue into our theme song and credits which is hilarious as always. :)

lol I just love them at the beginning of this scene; all sitting on the couch giving Liam a hard time about his joke/story idea...

Liam: And...then the elephant...lost his shoes! ehehe!
Sam: Elephants don't wear shoes.
Liam: The antelope ran off with the cheetah...
Sam: That's not even relatable...
Josh: Like the cat ran away with the spoon...

And then the unveiling of our mystery guest! (And some great faces from Alex!) I would like to hear in the comments from anyone who didn't think it would be Ben though. Really. He's always been the one people are missing in these shows...and I don't think he disappoints. Although he is definitely crazy! lol. I'm just laughing at Liam in the scene in the entry hall. It's pretty obvious that Ben is cracking him up. :) soon as Ben enters...we lock him in the shed. Next scene! lol

This may be one of my favorite sketches yet. Mostly because I need, and know some people who need this app. And Jonathan's infomercial voice is awesome. This app can be used in many ways. Too much of a tiny bite of food in your mouth to answer that question at a dinner party? Demumblizer! Paramedic in a crossing guard vest happens to walk by while eating an apple and can't talk clearly to help the person stuck under a car? Demumblizer! Can't figure out what the robber is saying so you can give him what he wants? (which is, consequently, all four of your phones, your wallet, and keys) Demumblizer! (A moment to appreciate Sam's Eastern European accent...) Old grandpa dying and you can't tell what his last wish is? Hint: He wants to squeak on a blow-up saxophone... Demumblizer! (Also, I'm pretty sure this whole sketch was based around wanting to use that blow-up saxophone.) Demumblizer is coming out soon! Only from Apul. With two bites out of it. :)

Back to crazy Ben!!! Still stuck in the shed...but now plotting...and...licking pictures of cameras. Oh Ben... Can't say he's not a great actor though. Ten bucks says he tries to burn down the shed in the next one lol. Can't wait for part 2 to see what happens! Great job guys! :D

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