Monday, August 26, 2013

More Armagh Concert Pictures

I have more pictures that didn't get posted while I was at the Libera concert in Armagh, Northern Ireland. Let's share, shall we?!

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh

Percussion, strings and cameras

Woodwinds, guitar and keyboards

This woman was the stage manager for the filming of the DVD. She gave 
instructions to the audience between songs and told us when to clap.

Next is pictures of the concert program. It's really nice.

Song list - all Christmas except "Danny Boy"

We met a man from the Armagh Parish who took pictures for their Facebook page. Here are some of them. He also took a pic of me and my mom! You can see all of them here. If you copy any, please credit the photographer.

Now doesn't that make you want to buy the DVD? Can't wait! :D

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  1. Hello .. :)
    Thanks for posting every detail about Libera .. ^_^

    Liam and Ben isn't with them ??

    It's nice to see Joshua,alex and ralph on their white robes .. :) they all look so cute .. :)

    I see Jonathan .. he's in Black . :) I miss the old members .. :D

    Can't wait for the DVD ..! :D