Sunday, December 8, 2013

Libera on UK Radio Today

Libera just tweeted,

"On our way to do some early morning radio shows...stay tuned!"
"Make sure you tune in to many BBC stations around the UK this morning, including York and Sheffield for Libera interviews."

So listen if you can! And someone record it for the rest of us! :D

Kavana (age 15), Cassius (age 12), & Jude (age 12)

UPDATE: And... true to form, awesome Libera fans Jimmy and Andy worked together to locate 12 BBC Radio interviews and saved them for us all to hear. You can listen HERE.

The Dynamic Trio of Kavana Crossley, Cassius O'Connell-White, and Jude Collins were interviewed by stations all across the UK to promote the new CD and DVD. I love these interviews because you never know what they're going to say. Here are a few of the interesting facts and hilarious quotes from these three!

BBC Radio Solent -
The interviewer asks if they're all as angelic as they seem. Kav says, "Of course we're angelic." Cass adds, "All but Jude."

On how to pronounce Libera. The interviewer says, "Now you said 'Li-bur-uh.' I say 'Lee-bur-uh.' Is 'Li-bur-uh' the authorized version?" And Kav responds, "Well, we ARE in it, so we probably would know." Ahaha!

BBC Radio Oxford - 
Kavana has been singing in Libera for 7 1/2 years, Cassius for 4 3/4 years, and Jude for 4 years. Cass says they get to make best friends for life in the choir, "like me and Kav." They don't yet know where they'll be giving a concert next. And I love how Cassius is not quite sure about the album's title. lol

BBC Radio Norfolk - 
Cass had to stop during the interview to listen to himself singing at the end of "Carol of the Bells." Too funny! Jude says that secondary schoolers find it harder to fit it all in (meaning choir practices plus school work). We then find out that Jude is one of the ones in the back doing homework during rehearsals. Kavana has exams coming up, but says you just have to balance it all. That's got to be hard, the older they get, but thanks to them for being willing to work so hard!

BBC Radio Newcastle - 
The interviewer's favorite track is "Carol of the Bells." Cass says, "I think it's cause I sing the solo in it." :D

BBC Radio Leicester - 
The interviewer asks if when they look out while on stage, can they see people moved to tears by Libera. 
Cass - "No, I can't because I don't have glasses."
Kav - "I can't personally cause we can't wear glasses on stage. Me and Cassius are blind when we're on stage."
Kav - "You don't need eyes to sing, do you?" Ahaha!
Jude - "I've seen people that are really emotional." (He obviously doesn't need glasses.)
Cass - "It makes my mum cry. Then again my mum cries at the drop of a hat." That means she cries easily. :)

BBC Radio Kent - 
Jude loves orange juice! 
How are they planning Christmas?
Kav - food, grandparents
Cass - presents, and more food, family, friends, giving
Jude - food, family

BBC Radio Guernsey - 
We find out that Cassius was named after boxer Cassius Clay who was later called Muhammad Ali. 
Interviewer - "Cassius. That's a cool name by the way."
Cassius - "Oh, yeah. Of course it is. My mother's dad used to watch Cassius Clay all the time, and he would get up at 3:00 to watch his matches, cause of course they're in America. And so my mum named me Cassius." 

Interviewer - "Kavana, that's a good name. Where does that originate from?"
Kavana - "Well, Libera originates from the Latin word..."
Interviewer - "Sorry, I meant YOUR name."
Kav - "Oh. My name's MADE UP. It's a magical name."
I laughed so hard! That is the best answer ever! :D

Interviewer - "Jude, why should we buy this album?"
Jude - "Because we're awesome."
Kav - "No. That's not an answer."
Cass - "We ARE awesome, though."

BBC Radio Derby - 
We find out that choir member Anthony Blake (the smiley one) is extremely good at music, and even plays the organ!

On future careers - 
Cass - "I like the choir, but it doesn't take over your life. I'd quite like to maybe do something musical, but then again I'd quite like to be a vet. I love animals."
Kav - "I want to do something musical."

BBC Radio Cornwall - 
The interviewer comments on how the new album has a Gaelic lilt to it.
Cass - "Well, it does, of course, because we were singing in Ireland, so we were performing to my own home country turf." (Am I hearing a sudden Irish accent?!) "More than half of us are Irish, and we wanted to bring..."
Kav - "...bring it closer to home."

BBC Radio Merseyside - 
Cassius' favorite track on the album is "Carol of the Bells" - "only because I'm singing the solo." :D

BBC Radio York - 
Jude joined Libera because there was orange juice. hehe

BBC Radio Midlands - 
Cassius plays rugby. Kavana plays football. Jude plays hockey.
And the interviewer likes that they've made up new terms, "Libera music," "Liberamania," and "Libera life cycle." 

Great job, guys! You're sure to have lots of new fans after today! And thanks again to Jimmy and Andy for making sure we all could hear them!


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  2. Kavana is, apparently, an Indian Hindu name and means water. My name apparently means manly.

  3. Hi, Yorkie! I looked it up, and it says Kavana means "poem," and Yorkie means "crazy person from Yorkshire." hehe ~ Lauren

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