Thursday, December 19, 2013

Libera's "Tonight Show With Jay Leno" Appearance

UPDATED - a video is up already! Libera had 22 boys there, and they sang "Carol of the Bells!" It was stunningly beautiful - sparkly blue lights, lots of happy faces, great harmonies, perfect high notes by Tom and Lucas, and a lovely solo by Cassius at the end. The audience clapped during his last "That is their song," but we could still hear it, so it's OK. Josh was in the back right playing the keyboards. So happy for all of them that they got to have this awesome experience. The audience, Jay Leno, and Judd Apatow really seemed to like it, too! But I'll let you all watch for yourselves! Before you hit the play button, notice that you can see Robert Prizeman out in front directing the choir! :D 

You can also view the video on NBC's web site here.

*If you'd like any screencaps of their appearance, Patrick made an album of 110 of them here. They're great! Thanks so much, Patrick!

Today's the big day! Libera is at the NBC studios in Burbank waiting to tape "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" which will air across the US tonight!

Jay Leno tweeted, "TONIGHT: @TheSlyStallone, @JuddApatow and music from @OfficialLibera, a boy's choir from London! #TonightShow"

Libera posted a video on Instagram for us from The Tonight Show dressing room! "Pre-Show thoughts in the Tonight Show With Jay Leno dressing room!"

Eoghan - Hi. I'm Eoghan.
Cassius - And I'm Cassius.
Eoghan - And we're about to perform on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
Cassius - And we're really excited.
Thumbs up and yelling from Jude, Lucas, and Tom on the couch. lol
Alex Gula - I feeled amazed that I'm on the show.

And Kavana posted a photo on Instagram! "Just a little bit excited...Tonight Show With Jay Leno #libera"

We're all excited for you! Have fun, Libera! Everyone will be watching tonight at 11:35pm Eastern/10:35pm Central!

Stay tuned for more...!


  1. Just saw the boys of Libera on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on NBC-TV in US tonight. It was a wonderful strong performance of "Carol of the Bells". So proud of all the boys performing, especially given the long trip and the huge time difference. There looked to be about 21 boys who made the trip. I could not tell if Michael made trip. I thought it was unfortunate the boys could not do the choreography as they did in the Armagh concert. I am thinking this was primarily due to needing to reduce camera angles and dependence upon stand alone microphones. The show has a huge budget, so they could have sprung for more tech. support to make this happen. I was disappointed Jay did not cut one of the earlier interviews short so the boys could have sung another Christmas song. When combined with Libera's Ireland Concert exposure this month on PBS in US, I am sure the boys performance tonight will have gained them thousands of new American & Candadian fans and sell a lot of CD's. It will also likely increase demand for scheduling more North American performances soon. Somewhat selfishly I do really hope to see a Libera concert scheduled in US on their Spring and/or Summer tour in the Boston & New England area.
    In mean time, I will be looking forward to seeing their next scheduled US television appearance on NBC's "TODAY" on Christmas Day during the 9:00-10:00 AM hour. I will be also looking to see if they manage to squeeze in any other appearances before they leave for home. Perhaps Ellen DeGeneres Show?

  2. Oi Lexi... o video no youtube havia sido cancelado... entao encontre este link onde pude ouvir "Carol of the bells" no programa. Este é o link, divulga ai para os fãs de Libera poder ver:

    beijos do Brasil

  3. vou mandar o link novamente pois acho que mandei errado.. este é o vídeo que assisti de Libera:


  4. Here two videos of the christmas album: Danny boy and Wexford carol :)

  5. Hi, tmirish7! Thanks for writing in. I think Libera had just the 2 appearances while in the US. This one on the Tonight Show was super good! Can't wait to see them on Today. :D

  6. Thanks so much, Jacqueline! :D