Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Libera Performing for Kennedy Center Patrons in London

Hi, Libera fans! We all know that when Libera is really quiet, it's usually because they are busy, busy, busy behind the scenes. We now know what they've been up to!

Libera just posted pictures with the message,

"Preparing for an event with the Kennedy Patrons. Arts from Sea to Shining Sea."

If you remember, Libera was invited to perform way back in December 2007 at the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington DC when they sang "Love and Mercy" to help honor Brian Wilson. Click here to see pictures. Click here to see the video.

Now the Kennedy Center patrons are in London, and Libera was asked to perform for them again! It looks like there are 23 boys there, and they are singing at a beautiful building called The Foreign Office near St. James's Park and 10 Downing Street. How awesome is that?!!! =)

Arriving with their robes ready to sing!

Rehearsing at The Foreign Office

Rehearsing at The Foreign Office

Picture during rehearsal by Katie @Sharpfiddle

During the performance

During the performance

During the performance

Stay tuned. Will post more as I find it...

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  1. Thanks for the news! So, does it mean that we should expect the video?