Thursday, May 29, 2014

Official Libera Blog & Pictures from USA Spring 2014

Hey guys!!! Look who’s back from uni for the summer! :) I’ve missed you all! So, there’s a new Libera blog from their USA tour! Yay! You can read it here. And tons of new pictures! You can see them all here.

It's sad how shy and serious they all are. lol

OK, starting from the top. Calling the previous members “our Libera ancestors” may be my favorite thing about this post. Can we adopt that? Please? 

They stayed at a place in New Jersey called America's Keswick. It's a Christian conference center where they stayed back in 2008 when they sang for the Pope at Yankee Stadium. It looks really nice with a big lake and indoor swimming pool.

America's Keswick

Cool pic of where they stayed

I heard the food was great there, and, yes! Lucky Charms are still my favorite, too, Mr. Writer. (Parents always say you’ll grow out of it, but I’m 20 and no luck yet.) lol. I’m glad that they stayed somewhere they could do outdoor things. It was probably nice not to be cooped up in a city hotel like they often are on tour. It was great weather, too! Perfect for a holiday!

Bike riding (or cycling as they call it)

Ben out in front!

This was one of my favorite rides as a kid! We called it the Frog Hopper!

Lucas on the bumper cars

And they got to go to the beach too! But, aww, Mr. Writer. Keeping the arcade toys for himself. Lol. 

Is this Mr. Writer holding his "cuddly toy?" lol

Next up was their first venture into Manhattan. Haha! How can anyone go to NYC without seeing the Hulk smashing the buildings, Captain America and Black Widow fighting aliens, Thor and Iron Man flying around, and Hawkeye up on one of the buildings shooting arrows? Too bad there’s no real Stark Tower. (I like you even more for that reference, Mr. Writer.) ;)

Outside the giant Macy's department store!

I’m so glad the concerts went well! The first one was in a church with a nice echo. There were so many new songs. Apparently the audience's noisy enjoyment is a good thing! That’s good for this noisy person! :)

The fresh air will do this to you

Nice picture at Keswick before a concert

They can only stand still for so long...

Concert at Church of the Incarnation in NYC

This was a concert by candlelight

The next day was the Morristown, New Jersey concert in a theatre. I heard that it was really great also with many happy fans!

Backwards coats keep the white robes clean

Alex Gula outside the Mayo Theatre

On stage at the Mayo Performing Arts Center

There was a day of trains and subways and sightseeing. PIZZA BURGER sounds terribly American and wonderfully good. lol. I’m glad they had some time to tour the city!

Eoghan and Ben

With Uncle Sam :D

Next was another full day of sighseeing in NYC. I’m glad we got the explanation for King Kong climbing the Empire State Building! It was just a misunderstanding! He didn’t fit in the lift (elevator)! :)

View of lower Manhattan from the Empire State Building

Atop the Empire State Building - it's windy up there!

Newbie Camden Stewart

I remember going to the huge TOYS R US in NYC on a high school trip. It was pretty incredible, even for us 18 year olds! “Flopping into bed like dead fish” is my new favorite simile.

Cassius & a NYC mounted police officer in Times Square (near Dave & Buster's)

Last but not least was the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty! I've been to it twice, but never thought it "wasn't very liberty because it had a fence all round the bottom." That's hilarious but true! I remember police chasing a guy who jumped that fence. lol. Your pictures with Lady Liberty are awesome! 

I love these pictures with the Statue of Liberty!

Looking tough!

Don't let that fence keep you out! lol

I’m happy they made it out before it snowed! That's crazy weather! It’s been a cold Spring, but they got to be here for a very nice part! So glad they enjoyed their time! And so sorry I missed seeing you all there! Uni really does get in the way sometimes, but unfortunately it is quite necessary. Hope you come back soon! :)

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