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Arundel Concert 2014

UPDATED - soooo many times...

Arundel Cathedral ~ photo by Patrick

What an exciting concert! So much new information! Keep reading to find out more below!

Libera posted 2 photos on Twitter before the concert! "Lovely evening for our concert in Arundel." :D

Rainbow in Arundel - that's a good sign! ~ photo by Libera

Choir rehearsing before Arundel concert ~ photo by Libera

The excited fans lined up early to get a good seat!
Fans lined up. Sunny but cold. ~ Photo by Paul

About 50 people in line ~ photo by Paul

Inside Arundel with concert poster ~ photo by Patrick

Inside Arundel looking back at rose window & organ ~ photo by Patrick

Some tickets still available! ~ photo by Yumiko

6 musicians on the left ~ photo by Paul

4 musicians on the right ~ photo by Paul

Just as in New Jersey, the boys came out for a photo! ~ photo by Patrick

It was a sunny but windy day! ~ photo by Patrick

And Patrick took a short video of the boys outside before the concert! Thank you! It's going to be a great concert!

The audience 10 minutes before the concert started ~ photo by Yumiko
It actually filled up to the very last row by the time the concert started.

There were 25 boys singing tonight - 

1.   Marc Alvares
2.   Shay Balsekar
3.   Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
4.   Gabriel Collins
5.   Timothy Lee
6.   Thomas Delgado-Little
7.   Ben Fairman
8.   Alex Gula
9.   Matthew Jansen
10. Isaac London
11. Matthew Madine
12. Eoghan McCarthy
13. Alessandro MacKinnon-Botti
14. James Menezes
15. Michael Menezes
16. Alex Montoro
17. Jakub Niedermaier-Reed
18. Rocco Tesei
19. Cassius O'Connell-White
20. Matthew Rangel-Alvares
21. Bertramo Smart
22. Camden Stewart
23. Mark Ustynovych-Repa
24. Sam Wiggin
25. Lucas Wood

We know this little boy is Camden Stewart! :D

Missing boys who had been on the US Tour are Henry Barrington and Dylan Duffy (hope they come back soon), but added are James Menezes, Rocco Tesei, and Mark Ustynovych-Repa who all performed at the Guildford concert 1 year ago. :)

This photo from St. George's in Nov 2013 shows Mark U-R 
(blonde boy in the center) and Rocco Tesei (on the right).

Sitting on the front row were 4 mini-mini newbies not listed on the program! They did not sing on stage but just watched the concert. One of them is Lucas Wood's 7-year-old brother. Another one is an 8-year-old Japanese boy who speaks English and Japanese. He was a big hit with the Japanese fans! :D The other two mini-mini boys are 7 years old also. While the choir demonstrated their silly warm-up songs, the four sat on the front row and silently mouthed along with the words. Soooo cute!

The staff list was a little different. Look at the exciting changes! -

Musical Director - Robert Prizeman
Asst. Musical Directors - Sam Coates, Steven Geraghty
Keyboards - Joshua Madine (by himself this time!)
Strings - The Silken String Quintet
Clarinet - Jessie Grimes
Flute/Recorder - Candice Hamel
French Horn - Raoul Neumann (former Libera member!!)
Percussion - Olly Blackman
Lighting - Luke Avery
Sound Mixing & Production - Sam Coates
Stage Management - Jonathan Barrington, Kavana Crossley (yay!!)
Event Co-ordination and Chaperones - Barbara Geraghty, Eleanor Lewis
Concert Management - Steven Philipp, David Stephens
Production Co-ordinator - Andrew Winter

The song list was the same as the US Tour. All incredible songs! The audience was blown away! And they got to hear "What a Wonderful World" as the encore also! :D All the soloists were the same as on the US Tour except for "Sanctus." Dylan wasn't there so Bertie sang the "ah's" in the middle and the last "Sanctus" was actually "Sanctus, Sanctus." Wish I could've hear that!

1.   Joyful, Joyful
2.   Sanctus - last "Sanctus" by Bertie
3.   Song of Life - solo by Isaac
4.   Voca Me - last "Voca Me" by Ciaran & Matthew J.
5.   Amazing Grace - solo by Ciaran
6.   Ave Maria - solo by Tom
7.   Salva Me - high "Salva's" by Alex M.
8.   How Can I Keep From Singing
9.   Hymn to Mary - solo by Isaac
10. How Shall I Sing That Majesty - solo by Lucas & Alessandro

- Interval -

11. Dies Irae - solo by Ciaran
12. Gloria in Excelsis
13. Orinoco Flow
14. Dreaming of Home
15. How Great Thou Art - solo by Sam
16. Stay With Me - solo by Alessandro, Lucas, Cassius
17. Wayfaring Stranger - solo by Sam
18. Glory to Thee - solo by Tom
19. Exultate - solo by Tom
Encore: What a Wonderful World - solo by Isaac

Concert program ~ photo by Patrick

Concert program song list ~ photo by Patrick

Arundel Cathedral with beautiful lights ~ photo by Patrick

Boys during standing ovation ~ photo by Jimmy from Japan

The boys waving good-bye. It looks like the little mini-mini boys are sitting in front.


The descriptions of the concert were "wonderful, stunning, perfect, great, gorgeous!" Congratulations, Libera, on another fantastic concert! Your fans are very happy! :D

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