Saturday, April 26, 2014

Arundel Concert Announced

UPDATED APRIL 5, 13 & 26, 2014 - Premium Tickets are Sold Out!

Are you ready, fans?! Libera just announced their first home game of the season! =D They will be having a concert at Arundel Cathedral on May 10, 2014! They like to perform there every 2 years, so here's your chance to see them in the UK.

Date -    Saturday, May 10, 2014 at 7:30 pm Tickets - available April 14 at 2:00pm London time
               at or 0844 8700 877
Prices - £30.00 premium
            £20.00 general
            £12.50 concession
            (The above prices do not include Ticketsource's booking fee)


One of the best pictures ever! Arundel 2010 by Bullehynka.

To celebrate, I'm re-posting an old video from Arundel 2010 done by some French fans. It's so good! And at the end you can see 3 little ones in the back left - Ben, Tom, and Dylan! They were so small! =D

Stay tuned!

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