Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Libera Filming a New Music Video

Libera tweeted 2 very interesting pictures with a message - 

"Back to the dark days of child labour with our video filming in Victorian Armley Mills, Leeds"

They must be filming a new video that shows how children used to work in factories. I wonder what song they will sing for this. The pictures look like they are at the Leeds Industrial Museum. It used to be the world's largest woolen mill. In the early 1800's, the working conditions were not regulated, and sadly there were children who often worked in unsafe environments.

Now, can you figure out who each boy is? Patrick and I had quite the discussion on this, because the first boy looks like Gabe but with lighter and longer hair. Is he wearing a wig? Here's my best guess on who is who. See if you agree. :)

Gabe, Timothy, Matthew J, Tom, Ciaran, Michael, Matthew M, Shay, Sam,
Camden, Ben, Lucas, Marc, Alex M, Rocco, Isaac, Alessandro, Alex G

In the factory

Looking forward to seeing this new video. Maybe it will be on Songs of Praise.


  1. Please forward my best birthday wishes to Joshua & Matthew Madine, and also to Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti... I am a many year BIG fan of Libera, and I own several of the CD's, and only 2 DVD's... I am very excited about the PBS special you filmed in Washington, D.C. just recently, and also the new DVD you are currently working on in Leeds. Please keep your website updated about the progress, and post more pictures, if you can. A very special Thank you to Mr Robert Prizeman, and the others who help make Libera such a phenomenal success.... Warm regards to all of Libera!!!! Robin L. Rice

  2. Fantastic
    My most big dream is see this choir barefoot always because i love very and with all my soul and heart children's feet
    I love you very my little brothers