Saturday, October 25, 2014

Libera's QVC UK Appearance

UPDATED - October 26, 2014 to add video

I love everything about this picture! :D 

But then along came this one! lolol

Did you see Libera on QVC UK?! They did a great job singing. Thanks to Patrick for uploading the video for everyone to see!

There were 17 boys -

Front row: Ben Fairman, Tom Delgado-Little, Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti, Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey, Isaac London, Alex Gula, Marc Alvares, Lucas Wood, Sam Wiggin

Back row: Camden Stewart, Shay Balsekar, Timothy Lee, Matthew Jansen, Rocco Tesei, Alex Montoro, Michael Menezes, Matthew Madine

They sang "Carol of the Bells" while over 300 people were on hold to order their 2011 "The Christmas Album" CD. Tom and Lucas sang the high "aah's" and then Isaac sang the last "Ding dong, ding dong." They sounded so good!! I'm only sorry that the show hosts didn't interview the boys. I'll upload the video if someone posts it on YouTube.

What an amazing price!

Libera on set
Alex M, Marc, Lucas, Michael M, Rocco


Ciaran, Isaac, Alex G, Rocco

Ben, Tom

Camden, Shay, Ben, Tom, Alessandro

Matthew M, Sam

Ciarnan, Isaac

17 boys

Matthew J, Alessandro

Tom, Timothy

Tom on his solo

Marc, Lucas on his solo, Michael M

Isaac during his solo

Great job, boys! :D


  1. Wait, the only big missing that i see here is he boy of the CD cover... does anyone know what happened to Cassius?

    1. Cassius is still in the choir. For TV appearances, they typically choose a smaller group of the singers, mainly the younger, higher voices. And Cassius is starting to transition into a deeper singing voice.

    2. What a relief to hear those news. I mean, Cassius even though he is not a relevant soloist, he is like one of the faces of the choir after being for so many years in Libera and participating in so many interviews and videos. He gives life to the choir with his funny jokes and occurrences and always speaks so fluently in the concerts... he is very important to Libera

  2. Great performance! I notice that they compressed the final "Ding dong ding dong ... that is their song" lines and removed the pause between the lyrics. When they sang it with the longer pause on the Jay Leno appearance, the audience thought it was over before Cassius got to the second line! Isaac did a fine job with the ending.

    Thanks for sharing Lexi!

  3. My problem is that I don't live in the UK. I love the Libera guys.I think Cassius is a very funny guy. I think Isaac done a great job.That is what makes Libera great.All the boys are so good and they very humble.One time Cassius got a a standing ovation and he look so surprised.They are that good!