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Boston Concert

Libera arriving at Wilbur Theatre. It looks windy! ~ photo by Patrick

Photo by Patrick

Photo by Patrick

Libera on the sign of Wilbur Theatre ~ photo by Hoi

Today's the day! Libera's 1st concert of their Spring 2015 Tour was in Boston, Massachusetts! The fans are already getting their seats! It's so exciting to see what boys have traveled to the United States and what songs they are singing!

There were 24 boys at the concert, and 6 of them are newbies - Benedict, Adam, James, Taichi, Mark, and Joseph!!! Welcome to America, boys! Lucas is listed on the program but was not present at the concert. Hope he is OK. Jakub (Kuba), Matthew RA, and Bertie sang in the Moscow concert in January but are not on this tour.

Next to the boys' names I wrote out what they said on the concert program underneath their pictures. Their comments are so cute and sweet and funny and really show each boy's personality. I see a theme of fun, food, warm weather, excitement at their first time away from family, and missing their pets. The 26th member pictured has been in the choir the longest! :D

1.   Marc Alvares - Really looking forward to the roller coasters that I hope we'll go on!
2.   Shay Balsekar - I'm happy to see the American sunshine
3.   Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey - Looking forward to the tasty pretzels
4.   Merlin Brouwer - I'm going to enjoy singing in the wonderful places
5.   Benedict Bywater* - Excited for my first trip away
6.   Gabriel Collins - Thinking of my cat Crackers
7.   Thomas Delgado-Little - I'm really going to enjoy the singing and the free time with my friends
8.   Alex Gula - I'm going to enjoy performing again in America
9.   Adam Izghouti* - I'm interested in the experience of two weeks away from home
10. Matthew Jansen - I will like doing new harmony parts since my voice is lower
11. Timothy Lee - I am happy to be in America again
12. Isaac London - I can't wait to perform in front of the friendly audiences
13. Alessandro MacKinnon-Botti - I love doing the concerts and activities with my friends
14. Matthew Madine - Thinking of my family when I perform
15. James Menezes* - I'm excited to see what America is like for my first tour
16. Michael Menezes - I'm looking forward to playing some basketball with some Americans!
17. Alex Montoro - I can't wait to see all the different places
18. Cassius O'Connell-White - There's nothing like a good American BUFFET!
19. Taichi Shinokubo* - I'm so excited to go to America away from my family, who I'll miss
20. Camden Stewart - Can't wait to play in the playgrounds that are better than at home
21. Rocco Tesei - America will be very much fun!
22. Mark Ustynovych-Repa* - Thinking of my dog Pickles when I perform
23. Joseph Walshe* - Really going to miss my cat and dog but happy to try my first time away
24. Sam Wiggin - I wish my family could be here with us
25. Lucas Wood - I'm getting ready for the water parks - I hope!
26. Moose - I'll be watching


Musical Director - Robert Prizeman
Assistant Musical Directors - Sam Coates & Steven Geraghty
Flute/Whistle - Candice Hamel
Percussion - Jonathan Ormston
Keyboard - Joshua Madine & Steven Geraghty
Sound Mixing & Production - Sam Coates
Lighting - Luke Avery
Stage Management - Jonathan Barrington & Simon Lewis 
Stage Direction - Steven Geraghty
Tour Coordination & Chaperone - Barbara Geraghty & Eleanor Lewis
Tour Coordination Assistant - Vanda Winakor
Tour Manager - John Rexroad
Libera Management - John Rexroad & Steven Philipp
Production Coordinator - Andrew Winter
Web Developer - Nicholas Centanni
US Press, Promotion, & Marketing - Mason Munoz
Libera's Booking Agent - Patriot Artists Agency
Photography - Brenda Ladd, Andrew Winter, Luke Avery

Stage ~ photo by Patrick

Front seating is at tables! Do they get to eat and drink 
during concert also? ~ photo by Patrick

Robert Prizeman's seat ~ photo by Patrick

Audience ~ photo by Patrick

Audience ~ photo by Patrick

The song list was fabulous. Patrick's descriptions are listed next to each song. 

1.   Joyful, Joyful -
2.   Sanctus - long harmonies by Tom and Merlin, final "Sanctus" by Merlin
Speech - Cassius & Taichi, Cassius said that Benedict is the youngest at 8 years old, Matthew J is the oldest at 14 years old. (Wow! I remember his first concert!)  Taichi introduced himself as a new kid and that this is the first concert tour abroad for he, Ben, Adam, Mark, and Joe. Taichi seems to be a born speaker. He was quite confident and relaxed as if speaking to a large crowd was the most natural thing in the world. He seemed very pleased to be there. Great job, Taichi! Can't wait to meet you!
3.   Amazing Grace - solo by Ciaran
4.   Voca Me - high notes by Alex M while standing at the center back, last "Voca Me" sung by Ciaran
5.   The Prayer - solo by Isaac while kneeling at the front of the stage
Speech - Ciaran & Alessandro about London and their robes they wear
6.   How Can I Keep From Singing - 6 boys (Ciaran, Alessandro, Merlin, Matthew M, Alex M, Isaac) sang first verse, then the whole choir joined in, then the 6 sang the ending.
7.   Lullaby - (not listed on program) solo by Camden at center stage with Sam & Alessandro singing harmony on middle verse, entire song sung by just the 3. Alessandro patted Camden on the back when the song was done to say "good job." Congratulations to Camden on an excellent first solo!
8.   Salva Me - high notes by Alex M
9.   Morning Has Broken - solo by Tom alone in the center
Speech - Gabriel and Alex G about learning their music, parts, stage positions
10. Danny Boy - (not listed on program) What a great surprise for Boston! A cappella solo by Isaac while kneeling at front of stage, joined then by Alessandro & Sam, then by Alex M, Ciaran & Camden. Long applause for this one! I heard there were some tears in the audience. :*)
11. Exultate - solo by Tom


12. Always With You - solo by Gabriel. Congratulations to Gabriel on a great solo also!
13. Orinoco Flow - I'm very excited that this song is in the program!
14. How Great Thou Art - solo by Alessandro. Great job!
15. Going Home - solo by Isaac, high notes by Tom
16. O For the Wings of a Dove - (not listed on program) solo by Tom alone!
Speech - Ciaran introducing boys whose families are from other parts of the world. Each spoke in that other language - Alex G. (Polish), Sam (French), Isaac (Gaelic), Alex M (Italian), Taichi (Japanese).
17. Song of Life - solo by Isaac, high notes by Tom
18. Wayfaring Stranger - solo by Alessandro
19. Wonderful World - solo by Isaac, another perfect and touching performance
Speech - Taichi thanked the audience for coming and made a joke. The audience laughed. :D
20. How Shall I Sing That Majesty - solo by Alessandro

Encore - America the Beautiful - 4 soloists one after the other, Alessandro, Isaac, Tom, Ciaran

Boys during sound check before the concert ~ photo by Libera

The boys taking a well-deserved bow after the concert ~ photo by Patrick

For the Meet & Greet, the table was set up in front of the stage! :D

The order of the boys left to right: Isaac, James, Benedict, Alessandro, Shay, Marc A,
Joseph, Taichi, Cassius, Merlin, Camden, Alex M, Mark UR, Sam, Gabriel,
Tom, Michael, Timothy, Rocco, Matthew M, Alex G, Matthew J, Ciaran, Adam

The line for the Meet & Greet was very long! :D

Going through the Meet & Greet line ~ next 11 photos by Hoi

Marc A, Joseph, Taichi, & Cassius having fun ~ photo by Patrick

It's so nice to see the boys like Cassius who used to be the little ones
now acting as the "older brothers" to the new little ones like Joseph & Taichi! :*)

After the Meet and Greet, the boys stood on the chairs and stepped up onto the stage. lol Great job on a great concert, boys!

Concert program ~ photo by Patrick

Great picture of Robert Prizeman in upper left corner! :D

Next stop is San Antonio, Texas! Yee-haw! :D

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