Monday, April 6, 2015

San Antonio Concert

San Antonio concert program cover

Libera's second concert on their Spring 2015 Tour was in beautiful San Antonio, Texas! The song list and soloists were the same as for the Boston concert. The other news is that Lucas had to stay home due to illness. We miss him on the tour and hope he is feeling better already. 

My mom's friend lives in San Antonio and got to go to the concert with another friend. She had never heard of Libera before and said the concert was so amazing that she got a CD! She said the Meet & Greet line was super fun, and Libera has 2 new fans!

Now on to the really great pictures! :D

Tobin Center ~ photo by Kent

The Tobin Center looks beautiful inside. There were a lot of people there.



The M&G was in a separate room. The line reminds me of Korea where it was so long it went around the corner, up the stairs, and around the corner again!

Pictures of all the boys!

Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey, Isaac London

Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti, Ben Bywater, James Menezes

Matthew Madine, Merlin Brouwer
Rocco Tesei, Alex Gula
Michael Menezes, Alex Montoro
Camden Stewart, Timothy Lee

Sam Wiggin, Gabriel Collins

Mark Ustynovych-Repa, Shay Balsekar

Joe Walshe, Adam Izghouti

Cassius O'Connell-White, Taichi Shinokubo, Matthew Jansen

Marc Alvares, Tom Delgado-Little

The boys also signed a huge poster for the Tobin Center to keep!



Congratulations to Libera on a great concert!

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