Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Christchurch, UK Concert

Christchurch Priory on concert day ~ photo by Dani

After their Exeter concert, Libera had a second UK concert in Christchurch on July 28, 2015. The line at the door to purchase tickets for this concert was surprisingly long. The church even added extra rows of seats at the back.

Libera poster outside the church ~ photo by Dani

Stage ~ photo by Dani

The boys rehearsing ~ photo by Libera

The choristers and song list were the same as for Exeter. Alex M's high parts were again sung from the balcony above but there was no railing this time, so good job Alex at being so fearless!

Audience ~ photo by Dani

The fans who attended said the boys sang just as well and are in top form to head off for their Japan concert at Universal Studios in Osaka.

Moose watching the show! ~ photo by Libera, obviously :D

Photo by Dani

Photo by Dani

Photo by Dani

Congratulations to Libera on another excellent concert!