Sunday, December 20, 2015

Libera at Universal Studios Japan

Libera performed at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka today. It was magical!!! 

You can see Libera performing Song of Life and Angel in the video above. I love the flying and dancing angels! You can also see the entire concert by watching on this link -

Libera sang 5 songs - 

1. Joy to the World
2. Carol of the Bells - high notes by ? and Alex Gula
3. Sanctus - last "Sanctus" by Merlin
4. Song of Life - solo by Ciaran
5. Angel - solo by Isaac (this is USJ's theme song for Christmas)

Speeches were done by Alessandro and Ciaran with Taichi interpreting into Japanese. They mentioned how impressed they all were with Japan's performance in the World Cup.

During the concert there were beautiful images projected on the wall behind the boys, and during "Angel" there were dancing angels on the stage above them! Fantastic!

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