Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sam Leggett's Music

Did you know that when he's not working on Loose Moose episodes, Sam Leggett likes to compose and perform music? Now he has 13 songs for sale on a site called You can see Sam's sale page here. Each song is £0.99.

If you want to hear what all his songs sound like, he has posted them on Soundcloud here.

"Emotional Tune" & "Chase" were written for an upcoming film by Ben Philipp! In "Humoresque" you can hear him playing the cello!
Sam plays the piano in "The Little Shepherd. " He's really good for playing only one year. And I love Debussy! I played "Jardins Sous La Pluie" and "Pour le Piano - Prelude" for recitals! :D

The "Animalia" suite of songs reminds me of Saint-Saens' idea for "Carnival of the Animals." And in "AS Performance" you can hear him singing two songs! He still has a great voice!

Way to go, Sam!

Other boys have Soundcloud accounts, but I don't think their songs are for sale yet.

Liam Connery has 10 songs here. I love his singing on "Last Goodbye!"

Daniel Fontannaz has 3 songs here.

Jakob De Menezes-Wood has 14 songs here.



  1. Oh yeah. Love Liam's singing on "Last Goodbye" too. siiigghh!! <333

  2. Hi, Charmaine! I knoooow, right?! ;)