Monday, June 11, 2012

Stefan Leadbeater & Orlando Woscholski In An Opera

Stefan in Singapore, April 2012

Orlando in Houston, August 2011

Exciting news! Stefan Leadbeater (current Libera member) and Orlando Woscholski (former Libera member) are currently performing in the opera "The Cunning Little Vixen" by Janacek at the Glyndebourne Festival Opera 2012, Lewes, East Sussex, England from May 20 - June 28.

The June 10 performance was filmed by the UK Guardian, and you can watch it here in two parts until June 22. Thank you to Martin for the link! :D

Orlando first appears as a Frog in Part 1 at 10:55.

Stefan first appears as Pepik, one of The Forester's sons, in Part 1 at 20:42.

Pepik's father, The Forester, captures a young fox and brings it home. His two sons begin teasing it.

Pepik hits the Vixen, and she becomes angry.

The Vixen retaliates by biting off Pepik's leg. A knife is used to symbolize her teeth.

Orlando next appears as one of the Vixen's many cubs.

Orlando is on the far left.

Orlando then appears at the end as the Frog's grandchild to illustrate the cycle of life.

Taking their final bows.

Orlando listed in the final credits as Frog.

Stefan listed in the final credits as Pepik.

Orlando listed in the final credits as a Fox Cub.

Congratulations to both boys on doing such a great job!

Several reviews have been written already, but this one also gives the cast listing here. If anyone would like to purchase tickets to see this opera, you can get information here.

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  1. Awesome find! I saw this opera in the Netherlands many years ago and remember it as a bit crazy and fun ;) Btw I did not know Orlando is already no longer with Libera - he has had a short career as Libera member.. :( But - all the best of luck to him with his singing, wherever that is, in choir or opera or somewhere else!