Monday, September 19, 2011

Article About Manila Concert

Cute picture!
Carlos, Kavana, Ralph
Jakob, MJ, Luke
Matthew, Henry, Freddie, Cassius
Dylan, Jude, Eoghan, Barney

The Philippine Entertainment Portal posted an article about the upcoming Manila concert. You can read the full article here. Thanks to Jimmy Riddle for the link. It says that Libera "will be singing songs from their new record titled The Christmas Album. Libera is set to astound Filipino audiences by singing yuletide carols like 'Joy To The World,' 'O, Holy Night,' 'White Christmas,' and 'The First Noel.' The album will be released worldwide this October."

I'm not sure about that "worldwide" in October part. It's not available in the UK and US until November. But I love the new picture they posted! :) It's super cute! We're missing half of the boys. It may be that this picture is inside the CD, and the other 14 boys are in a second picture. And we get confirmation that the concert will have Christmas carols. They may still sing songs that are not Christmas carols. We'll see.

It also says that the concert is for the benefit of the British Alumni Association's Foundation for Disadvantaged Children and the Children's Hour.

The Children's Hour website has the Libera concert poster on it! :D Their site says, "Children’s Hour is a non-profit, fundraising, fund-giving, and friends-raising organization that aims to provide marginalized Filipino children with a better life; giving them better access to quality education, quality health and nutrition and a quality way of life. We do this primarily by asking individuals, employees, organizations and corporations to donate the minimum one hour’s worth of salaries or earnings at least once a year." What a nice idea! And what a nice charity for Libera to be involved with! Not surprisingly, Roberto F. De Ocampo is a member of this organization. :)

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