Monday, September 5, 2011

"The Best of Angel Voices" CD Available Now

We got our CD in the mail! Thank you to Todd for sending it to us and for working at Varese Sarabande to make it happen! It's a great CD to have to appreciate the history of Libera and the work of Robert Prizeman.

As I wrote about before, this is a compilation CD of old St. Philip's Boys Choir/Angel Voices songs. There are 16 songs, all of which come from the 1992 Angel Voices and 1996 Angel Voices 2 albums back when Oliver Putland, Daren Geraghty, Anthony Maher and Liam O'Kane sang with the group. This is the back inlay of the CD -

For people who need to use a translator, this is the song list:

01. For The Beauty Of The Earth (AV)
02. O For The Wings Of A Dove (AV)
03. How Can I Keep From Singing (AV)
04. Pie Jesu (Faure Requiem) (AV)
05. Sailing (AV)
06. Amazing Grace (AV2)
07. Evening Falls (AV2)
08. All Things Bright And Beautiful (AV2)
09. Be Still My Soul (AV)
10. Nunc Dimittis (AV2)
11. Praise My Soul (The King Of Heaven) (AV2)
12. Close Every Door To Me (AV2)
13. Abide With Me (AV2)
14. Adoramus Te (AV)
15. Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord (AV)
16. Jerusalem (AV2)

It is available at the following sites:

Varese Sarabande      
here   $11.98              
here    $11.69     You can listen to song samples here             here       9.84  BPS                   here     15.98  Euros              here      1073  Yen

There are so many great songs on this CD. I love Oliver Putland's "O For the Wings of a Dove", the harmonies and high treble on "How Can I Keep From Singing", their version of "Pie Jesu", Daren Geraghty's "Evening Falls" and the men joining in on "Jerusalem." "Adoramus Te" is a fun and happy song, and I noticed that the music was written by Sal Solo! :D

Another cool thing is that the inside booklet has this picture of the inside of St. Philip's Church. :)

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  1. You're so lucky, Lexi. I think you're gonna have the whole collection of Libera's albums soon :)