Thursday, September 15, 2011

Libera on Japanese TV April 2010

Back on April 8 & July 12, 2010 we had posted about Libera's appearance on a Japanese TV show called NTV Don. They were there while on their Japanese tour in April 2010. Someone named peanutsac133 has now posted a full 14 minutes of the show on YouTube! Thanks to Kazuyo (necooook) for the link!

First, I've never seen a show with so many hosts. I count 9 of them! Maybe all their reporters came in to the studio for the day to meet Libera. :)

Next is a part we've never seen before except a little on Libera's official tour video. It is a great introductory profile of Libera with highlights of past performances and songs. It shows them arriving at Narita Airport, on the tour bus in Japan playing with toys and Ponyos, at Toyko Tower and shopping. At 0:57 and 2:35 I see our friend, Yuki! :D And is that Mina talking to Ben at 1:04?! I can't tell for sure. 1:14 has a cute picture of Jonathan, Michael Vereycken, Callum, Josh and Michael Horncastle from their April 2007 Japan Tour. It even has great Japanese commercials! I don't understand a word, but they are so fun to watch!

Then Ben and Ralph sing "Far Away" along with Kavana, James T., Jakob, Josh, Stefan, Daniel and Mini James while feathers float down. Wow! They all look so young! Well, it WAS 1.5 years ago! lol. Back then I thought they sounded jet lagged or something, but now that I watch this video, I think that in person they probably sounded great. You can tell the sound quality is just not very good on the TV. And Kavana was hitting those high notes!

I don't understand much of the interview part. It looks like the boys don't either. The interviewers laugh and make jokes, and the boys just smile politely. Someone asks what do they do when their voice changes. Ralph answers, "Well, some of us will stay in the choir, but not all the time. There are some people who don't once their voice breaks. But they often visit, so they're not completely gone." Aw. That's such a nice answer.

Ben leads the boys in a little of the "Ponyo" song with awesome harmonies. Daniel gets the hosts to sing a little which makes the hosts laugh at themselves, and Ben speaks a little Japanese for them. :D Then we see the weather for that day! Ha! Great video! Thanks for bringing back great memories. Hopefully they'll be in Japan again in April 2012, and we'll get to see videos like this with lots of newbies there, too! :)

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  1. Hello! Thanks for the news!! It was me that uploaded this video. On that day,I couldn't see them on time because of the school,so recorded it and watched it. Yeah,I've wanted to upload it as soon as possible,but haven't known how to.Also,haven't known how to edit video,so,couldn't cut commercial:S hope everyone's enjoy it as well:)

    By the way,the weather forecast you watched isn't of the day when Libera was in Japan! As you see,the map below says May 1st!!!Why?? It's because I also recorded Vienna boys'choir on TV.They came to Japan after Libera left.