Thursday, September 8, 2011

My USA Tour 2011 Videos

Well, I finally made a video for the USA Tour 2011!!! Problem is, we had so many pictures and videos that I couldn't keep it down to 15 minutes long. lol. So this is Part 1. It shows Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chicago and St. Louis.

And here is part 2 with Frisco and Houston! Watch Jude in the Houston M&G video. He is so funny!  :D


  1. Thank you, Lexi and Lauren, for uploading these great videos. Some of the photos and videos are quite new to me.
    Did you know that you used some of my favorite songs in there :D?
    And I noticed in the Houston M&G video, Ben couldn't find his seat near Josh and Liam. So he had to find somewhere to seat. Most of the mini ones are getting their pens ready :)

  2. hi lexi and lauren!
    did you by any chance take videos of your experience of the meet and greet? with what you said to them? cause i'm sure we'd all love to see them!

  3. Hi, Charmaine! Those are some of my favorite songs, too! :) Yeah, it seemed like every time they went to sit down, 1 or 2 didn't get a seat and had to sit in the middle. Someone wasn't moving all the way down. :D

    Hi, Anon! Yes, my mom took some videos of talking to them, but not enough to publish. I just like talking to them without worrying about a video camera. :)

  4. Thanks for posting these!Very well made:)
    The part in the housten M+G where the older boys have a seating issue, and Jude starts acting silly is so cute! Thanks again!