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Libera Interview on Russian Television

Isaac, Cassius, & Ciaran being interviewed for Russian TV

Three Libera boys, Isaac London, Cassius O'Connell-White, and Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey, were interviewed for the Russian TV show "Canon." This show aired in Russia on January 31, 2015. Thank you to Alexander Kruse (the Russian translator you hear) and the Russian fan page for uploading the video which you (hopefully) can view here. 

This is a transcript of the interview. Thank you to Anton and Stanislav for sending this to me and to Anton for helping with the translation. Remember this is an English translation of a Russian translation of the boys speaking in English which I cannot hear because the translator is speaking over them. But you get the idea. lol

Reporter: Hello, dear viewers. On today's TV program "Canon," I want to sincerely congratulate all of you on our anniversary. Exactly ten years ago we began broadcasting on television channel "Union." I wish many good years to all my colleagues and to you, our dear viewer. Today for the fifth Moscow Christmas Festival of Sacred Music, I introduce to you an amazing group, angelic singing which erases all linguistic, cultural, and political barriers. Our guest in the London boys choir, Libera.
Hello, boys. How are you? We're glad to see you.

Boys: Good, fine, yeah great.

Reporter: What is your name?

Boys: Isaac, I'm Cassius, and I'm Ciaran.

Reporter: It's your first time in Russia. What are your impressions of our country? Is there anything that you got to see?

Cassius: We did see a few places when we were coming into our hotel. It is very different from London, especially the architecture, and we really like it. 

Reporter: 2014 was the UK-Russia Year of Culture. Did you go to any concerts with Russian performers or hear any Russian choirs?

Isaac: I did not go to concerts, but yes, I heard that this was the year of culture, the year of Russian culture. I knew about it.

Reporter: How long have you been singing in the choir, and who introduced you to Libera? How did you hear about the existence of this group?

Cassius: We all come from different area schools, and we all get together to sing, and after that it's more of a social thing and it's fun. 

Libera - "Carol of the Bells" (featuring a very young Cassius at the end!) :D

Reporter:Your choir is known all over the world. Are there any other choirs like yours in England?

Isaac: Well, obviously there are other choirs, but we don't usually enter into competitions.

Reporter: So are you good English boys?

Cassius: Yeah (laughs)

Reporter: And tell me, how are your classes, and how often do you rehearse?

Cassius: Well, sometimes we have to move on stage when the lights are dim... and to not being able to see where you're going.

Reporter: And you learn in school?

Cassius: Yes, we are all like normal guys. We go to school, and we go on concert tours during the school holidays. For the rest, we work just like everyone else.

Reporter: And how do you manage to combine school and your rehearsals?

Ciaran: Our schedule is very dense. We have to rehearse almost every day of the week, and you have to run away from school at every possible moment to participate in a rehearsal.

Reporter: And you still have time for a normal childhood? Do you have any hobby?

Cassius: Yeah, we do. On the weekend we have church choir on Sunday, but on Saturday we can meet friends and play.

Libera - "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

Reporter:You said that you sing in the church choir. What is more difficult: to sing at concerts or to sing at church services?

Isaac: Well, definitely through the concert because you have to remember positions and what song is next and what part to sing.

Reporter: Guys, you're holding a soft toy. Please tell us, is this a souvenir from Russia?

Cassius: This is Moose, and he is our choir mascot. He's been with us for too long, and he goes with us wherever we go. And he's the only moose who has traveled around the world.

Reporter: I noticed that in addition to what you smartly sing on stage there is constant movement. How long do you have to rehearse this?

Isaac: Well, I guess a half an hour total during the week if we do it for five minutes a day, we can all easily remember. If you practice it a few times then you remember it. We do it blindfolded also, and it helps us to remember our position on the stage. It forces us to rely on other senses, not the vision.

Cassius: And we do it blindfolded also, and that helps us. Isaac had in mind that we prepare at home 5 minutes a day. Usually when we practice on stage, it takes 4-5 days a week, and it takes more time.

Reporter: It sounds like marching in the army. In the future, you probably can work at Buckingham Palace and speak at military parades in front of the Queen. By the way, with regard to the future, what are your plans after you graduate from high school? What do you want to become?

Cassius: I change my mind every week, so one week it's an architect, then some of us want to stay with music. We have that passion still for music.

Libera - "Silent Night"

Reporter: And besides the fact that you sing, do you play any musical instruments?

Ciaran: Well, some of us actually play musical instruments, but our main tool is the voice. We sing every day of the week, and that is our main task.

Cassius: I play the piano.

Isaac: I play the trumpet.

Ciaran: I play the trombone. (Those last 2 were translated backwards, but I think I typed it correctly.)

Reporter: You were on the same stage with world-famous artists. Could you please share your impressions. What is a brilliant performance that you remember?

Cassius: Most recently we performed with Paul McCartney on his Destiny soundtrack. It was pretty amazing.

Isaac: We went to America, and we sung with all these artists like Meatloaf and Miley Cyrus.

Reporter: In general, England is known for its rock performers. You said Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, and what kind of music to listen to modern British teenagers?

Cassius: There's lots and lots of different ones. 

Ciaran: We listen to a lot of classical music, but we also like to listen to pop music and dub step. I really like dub step.

Isaac: Mainly cause my dad's into The Rolling Stones, I like music from the 70's.

Reporter: Each person has ideas about the other people. For example, many foreigners think that it is very cold in Russia and that there are bears on the street. When you return home, what impressions will you share with your friends and family?

Cassius: It's cold, but I have to admit that the architecture is absolutely amazing. There are no words.

Ciaran: It's cold but not as cold as I thought it would be. It's a little colder than in England. And of course the audience. The audience welcomed us very warmly.

Reporter: Tell me, do you really travel a lot, different than people in different countries around the world? As you take the audience?

Cassius: Some are quite lively, some are more restrained. They clap their hands and thank us, but not as loudly. But Russia, Russia is just amazing. We have never had such a reception as here.

Reporter: I know that professional singers have taboos on certain products. They do not drink cold water, they do not eat seeds or nuts or chocolate before the performance. Do you observe a diet?

Isaac: Yes.

Cassius: Yeah, usually before a concert no chocolate or it'll muck up your voice. That's fine with us.

Isaac: Actually before this concert we had some chocolate chips.

Cassius: I didn't.

Libera - "Ave Maria"

Reporter: Tell me, what would you like to pass on, to say to your peers in our country, the boys and girls? What would you wish for?

Cassius: Thank you so much for having us here. It's been a great experience  Being here, we didn't know what to expect. It's a great experience.

Reporter: They were soloists in the London boys choir, Libera. Guys, we wish you good health, vivid impressions of Russia, success, and will always wait for you in our country.

3 boys: Thank you, bye! (In Russian)


  1. That was great!

    Thanks for the transcript, it was hard to hear them while the translator was speaking.


  2. Forgot to say in the last post:

    Lots of great Libera songs included with the interview.

    It was great!


  3. Cassius... Always so funny and hilarious in the interviews! I can tell why he is always chosen to represent Libera on them... Isaac seems to be more for the important info and Ciaran is just the typical shy boy smiling and complementing the answers given. Wonderful trio, my fav Libera members (including Ben) when it comes to interviews and speeches.