Sunday, February 1, 2015

Preview of "How Can I Keep From Singing" - Buy It Now!

Libera's new DVD and CD "Angels Sing - Libera In America" are due to be released in just 30 days! While we wait, iTunes has the song "How Can I Keep From Singing" available for sale!!

iTunes also posted a preview of the song! It is 1 minute 30 seconds long! You can hear Isaac London's beautiful solo at the beginning. He also solos at the end of the song, but you can't hear that on this preview. And yes, this IS a live recording from the Washington DC concert. Just amazing!

Go to this link - iTunes - and for song #2, go to the right side and click on "View in iTunes." You have to have the iTunes application to buy it and hear it. Enjoy! :D

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  1. Thanks for the link!

    Can't wait to get my CD and DVD