Monday, February 23, 2015

Libera's Behind-the-Scenes Video

Just 1 more week until Libera's new DVD/CD are released! To get us even more excited about it, Libera has posted its "Behind-the-Scenes" video which is on the DVD!

There are so many cute moments on it. You can see them touring Washington DC, having fun getting ready for the concert, doing their sound check (where Isaac hits a high A, Matthew Madine sings that solo we've always wanted to hear, Lucas hits a high B-flat, and Sam sings a scale), and filming the concert. You'll also hear excerpts from many songs including the amazing climax of "Voca Me!!!!" Just brilliant! :D

Lucas - "Gel is being put onto my hair... Wow, now my hair smells very nice."

Shay - "He's clinging on to me."
Alex - "Exactly!"
Shay - "He likes clinging on to people."

I don't know what Isaac is saying, but it's hilariously funny anyway!

Making their own fun while waiting


Cassius demonstrates. Ben - "We put on our coats backwards, 
so we don't get Orange Squash down our lovely, white robes."

Kavana - We're drinking." (Gives the look.) "Catch you later."

Gabe in his cute, quiet voice - "Before our concert we have some quiet time to save our voices."
  Proving once again that everything sounds better with a British accent. :D

Camden - "I'm feeling a bit nervous, because there's going to be 9 filming cameras."
Rocco - I'm feeling quite nervous, but I'm excited, too."

Eoghan with that smile the girls all love. :)


After the concert, Alessandro - "Lovely!!"
Timothy - "It was good!"

Ben, Eoghan, & Matthew J. I love seeing the big kids take care of the little kids.

Ben & Alessandro shopping for Libera items.

Sam walking in Washington DC.

Kuba is the shy, quiet one. lol

Marc having fun on the bus.

Eoghan making Michael "swim."

Shay dancing while waiting for the Metro.

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