Saturday, February 21, 2015

Libera of the US 2015 Fund-Raiser

First, congratulations to Libera of the US for receiving 501c3 public charity status from the IRS. That means that donations to Libera of the US may be tax deductible on your US tax return retroactive to January 1, 2013. Please check with your tax preparer for guidance.

Libera is gearing up for a big year of touring in America. You can help support the boys on tour in several ways, big and small, by donating to Libera of the US. Just go to to donate through PayPal or credit card or by mailing a check.

         $8.00    Donate one boy's lunch
       $18.00    Donate one boy's dinner
     $240.00   Donate lunch for the boys
     $540.00   Donate dinner for the boys
       $35.00    Donate water for the boys
     $150.00    Donate one hotel room
  $2,250.00   Donate lodging for the boys
     $500.00   Donate a night at the movies
     $200.00   Donate a domestic flight
     $800.00   Donate an international flight
$12,500.00   Sponsor a concert

You can also donate frequent flier miles. Just write into in the Contact Us section.

After the tour you will receive a thank-you letter signed by one of the boys or signed by all of the boys if you donate a larger amount. Thank you to the many fans who have already donated to support Libera! :D

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