Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fan Video from Moscow Concert

This is a video taken by Patrick after the Moscow concert. It is of Libera leaving the concert hall. It's a bit dark, but I like it because it shows some of the boys running to the bus. Yes, they have enough energy after performing a full concert to run to the bus! :D  Could Matthew Madine be any nicer and friendlier?! And some of them are so cute carrying their robe on their head. At the end you can hear Eleanor Lewis coming over to Patrick and speaking to him in French. Thank you for sharing your video, Patrick!


  1. How wonderful you are still following lovely Libera around the world. I had the pleasure of meeting you in firstly in Singapore. The boys are still as wonderful as ever and it is always such a joy to catch up on any interesting happenings. I enjoyed your video taken in Moscow. Thank you Patrick. My kind thoughts and good wishes to you. Glenys New Zealand