Thursday, January 22, 2015

Official Libera Photos from Moscow

Libera has posted some pictures from their concert trip to Moscow, Russia. They're excellent! I am so thrilled for the boys that they had a chance to visit a place that many people never get to visit in a lifetime. It may have been cold in Moscow, but it sure is beautiful even in the winter. 

This is my favorite picture! The boys standing in front of the world-famous
St. Basil's Cathedral with a gorgeous blue sky above them. :D

So cool!

Alex Gula playing in the snow! How fun is this?!

My second favorite! I want to know the back-story to this picture! How on earth
did Cassius get this Soviet army hat and flask?! Did he buy them at some cool store?

In front of the Bolshoi Theatre

Another great group shot with Moscow in the background

Libera in concert in Moscow

Singing "The Prayer" with Isaac soloing

Beautiful Moscow Mayakovskaya metro station. Sam's face though. hehe

They have fun wherever they go! :D


  1. The metro station is Mayakovskaya, or Маяковская in Cyrillic.
    It's located on the green line, a bit North-West from the centre.

  2. Thank you for that information, Fan de LoK! So happy you got to go to Moscow to see Libera perform! :D