Saturday, January 17, 2015

Libera Is In Russia!

Exciting news! Libera has landed in Moscow, Russia!  Libera posted a few photos from the airport as they were arriving.

Passports ready for going through airport immigration! Is Isaac licking his? lol
Alessandro, Alex G, Isaac, Camden ~ looks like they all have 
British passports, but I think Alex's is from Poland. :D

No jet lag here!!!

Libera was also featured in a Moscow Times newspaper article which you can read here and in a Sputnik News article that you can read here for English and here for Spanish. It says that 24 boys are going on the trip and that one of the songs they will sing is "Carol of the Bells." The Russian Orthodox Christmas is celebrated January 7, so that's why there are still Christmas decorations in Moscow and why Libera will be singing some Christmas carols.

Sputnik News even interviewed Robert Prizeman and Thomas Delgado-Little! It says that Tom is very excited about the trip (I would be, too!) and said, "I want to go to Moscow and see the snow, because it doesn't snow in London. The choir has never visited Russia, and doing so now will be a great adventure for all of us." I hope you have so much fun, boys!!

Our friend, Patrick from Paris, arrived in Moscow yesterday for the concert. He shared some pictures of what the boys will be able to see today. 

Moscow train station

Metro train map ~ looks as easy as London, but it's written in Cyrillic!

Beautiful decorations on the streets of Moscow

Red Square Christmas market and ice skating rink

Red Square Christmas market and ice skating rink

 GUM Department Store which is also off Red Square

Isn't it magical?!!

The famous St. Basil's Cathedral and its beautiful domes!

Libera's concert is tomorrow night at 6:00 pm Moscow time. That means it is at 3:00 pm London time and 9:00 am Chicago time. I can't wait to hear how it goes and how the Russian audience reacts!

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