Monday, January 12, 2015

Libera Mentioned on Russian Television

Libera was mentioned on Russian television! How exciting is that?! I'm not sure exactly what they are saying, but at 0:28 you can hear them say "Libera!" The YouTube video description says this is a press conference at the TASS Russian News Agency. The artistic director of the Moscow International House of Music, conductor Vladimir Spivakov, said that choirs from the most famous temples and monasteries will perform for the 5th Christmas Festival of Sacred Music from January 9 - 23. Russian Orthodox Christmas is on January 7. Libera's concert is this Sunday, January 18. Thank you to Patrick for the link. He will be at the Moscow concert. I can't wait to find out how it went! Safe travels, Libera!!!


  1. Se eles vão até a Russia.... eles podem vir ao Brasil rsss.... vou ficar na torcida para que isso aconteça!

  2. Hi, Jaqueline! Yes, if they went to Russia, anything is possible, even Brasil! I hope you get to see them someday soon! :D