Thursday, January 1, 2015

"Wonderful World" Music Video Preview and Boy's Blog Post

Libera has posted a preview of their new music video for "Wonderful World." Isaac London is singing the solo, and it's fantastic! He looks like a movie star! The full video will be coming out on February 6! Watch for it!

Back in October, some of the boys went to Victorian Armley Mills in Leeds to film about how children used to work in factories under dangerous conditions. You can read my blog post about it and see pictures here

Now a certain mystery writer has given us more details about the filming on the Libera Boys' Blog. And we have more great pictures! 

This trip seems like it was just as exciting and adventurous as a full-on leaving-the-country tour! Our mystery writer sure seemed to enjoy it as much. Best part? Getting to be covered in fake make-up dirt. "Dirt, what a peculiar prospect! Jolly ho, let’s not waste another moment, cover me immediately in mud, dirt, soot etc. It is my natural habitat." Oh goodness...hilarious.

 I loved the "usual scenarios" that were played out on the coach trip, especially them teasing Kuba about Pokemon. (It's ok Kuba, my friends still talk about Pokemon all the time and they're in uni!) :) But I am with mystery writer... whoever decided to put DVD players on coaches, or "buses" as we call them here, was a GENIUS.   

It's neat that this was a fun trip but they also filmed a video and got a really neat up-close educational experience! (Education major here, all for learning in unique out-of-classroom ways! lol) Getting to put yourself in someone else's shoes like that must have been very neat and very thought-provoking. Definitely makes me feel blessed that I didn't have to grow up like that. It also makes me thankful to all of the people who worked very hard to ensure that children now can't be treated like the children were back then. 

It sounds like the rest of the trip was very fun, with "a massive Italian meal" (AKA pizza hahaha), football, the Media Museum (sounds like something I'd love to go to), the park, and the zoo. Side note: I'd love to know the rules to "Disease", Libera's apparently world-famous chase game. Sounds like something my class might enjoy someday! :) 

I'm glad the boys had fun on this little mini-tour adventure! I can't wait to see this music video!

I love this picture!!! Sam Wiggin, Isaac London, Michael Menezes


Alex Gula and Matthew Jansen

More filming

Alex Gula

The year 1900 meets 2014! Alex Montoro, Sam Wiggin, Camden Stewart

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