Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Atlanta Concert

Just got back to the hotel from the Atlanta concert! It was great! We got seats front and center on the aisle! (squeals of delight!) It was amazing because we could actually hear their voices, not just through the microphones, but right in front of us! Those little ones can sing! They've got some great singers moving up through the ranks.

Freddie, Matthew Jansen, Matthew R-A and Luke were on the right side, and they sing high, loudly and clearly! Mini-James, Cassius, Kavana and I think Carlos and Henry were on the left. (Sorry if I got that wrong.) We distinctly heard Kavana's voice. He has an excellent voice and can sing high or low. At one point Sam was front left, and we heard his rich, full voice! Wow! Unless they have solos, we don't know what they sound like cause they're singing harmony. It was pretty cool to hear. Stefan, Smiley Daniel :) , Ralph, Sammy, Jakob, Mini James, Alex, and Carlos again did a great job on their solos.

During the transition from one song to the next, they were all moving into place, and Henry JUMPED down from the steps above and his robe went "whoosh." So cute!

Cassius had a bit of a coughing attack during "Going Home," and then had to do his speaking part right afterwards. As soon as the lights went down, Cassius didn't move, so several of the middle-age boys grabbed him and pushed him to center stage. Stefan had his hand on Cassius' shoulder until he started to speak. Poor Cassius swallowed hard and said his speech perfectly without coughing anymore.

I mentioned in my Nashville review that Josh is always the first one to move and knows where everyone else should be. At one point Sammy was standing in front of Josh and Liam, and Josh grabbed him by the shoulders and physically moved him in front of Josh and Jonathan to center him. It also seems that Josh is always the first one to get into position, but now I'm noticing that Daniel is always the last. He glides very smoothly and calmly from one place to the other, and smiles the whole time. He gets there eventually. :D

The Meet & Greet was soooo much fun! First up was Henry. He signed his usual "HB" for his signature, so we told him we decided he should get a really cool signature, something like "King Henry." So he drew a crown above his "HB." lol

I talked to Matthew Jansen and found out that he is 9 years old but will be 10 in September. He was in a happy hyper mood.

Tom asked the little boys - Henry, Matthew Jansen, Cassius, Luke, Freddie and Matthew R-A what their favorite restaurant in the States is, and they all said, "Cracker Barrel!" The older boys said, "Johnny Rockets." They had just gone there for lunch.

We told them we made up little treat bags for each of them filled with American candy. Luke said, "I LOVE American candy!" lol

Daniel spilled his water on a program that he was signing and was so apologetic. Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Geraghty wiped it up, and we said, "At least it's only water."

Daniel, Mini James and Kavana again drew smiley faces on their hands. Daniel's smiley had its tongue sticking out. Mini James's had a full stick figure saying "Hi." Kavana's had a speech bubble that said, "Thank You."

We told Sam about the candy we brought for them but added that the littler kids might like it more, so maybe the bigger kids could use their candy to get the littler ones to do things for them! Sam said, "Like a bribe." Exactly! Ha!

My mom high-fived Ralph for doing an even better job in Atlanta than he did in Nashville. He progressively got better from St. Louis to Nashville to Atlanta. Don't know how he did it, but he DID! I wished Ralph a "Happy Birthday" in 2 days. He'll still be in the States for his birthday, and I asked him if they have anything special planned. He said that Daniel knows what it is, then all the other boys chimed in, "We ALL know! You're the only one that doesn't!" :)

We told Stefan that he has a really nice signature. It's big and showy. JT said, "He stole that from me!" So we said, "Yeah, but look what we got...King Henry!" and showed them Henry's "HB" with the crown on top. So Stefan drew a crown on top of the picture of himself and gave himself a beard. He is VERY funny!

Tiarnan, Josh and Ben had drawn on their hands as well. Ben's was dots all up and down his hand, and he said he has a disease.  :)

They were all so nice and thanked us for coming to see them. So we said, "No, thank YOU for coming here." It was so great that they could come to the U.S. and put on these wonderful concerts for us. Thank you, Libera. Come again soon!


  1. Thanks for your great reviews and pics! I love reading about how they were at the M&G's, it's always great to be able to interact with them and thank them individually. Glad you had a nice time!

  2. They boys are so so cute! I wish i was there myself!

    I love the way you describe the entire concert + meet & greet session, makes me feel like i was there myself!

    It is sad that the older boys like Josh, Sam, Liam and Ben can no longer take on many solos. I remember that the first time i noticed Libera was when i watched their Angel Voices concert on television so my all-time favourite singers are the older guys who did most of the solos in that concert.

  3. Hello. Is it ok if I grab some photos and post it in facebook and tumblr?

  4. Sure! You can copy any of my photos that you like! Thanks for asking! :)

  5. Hello Lexi and Lauren. :) I looved the really once again. hahaha i never get tired of reading all your stories. It just makes me feel as if I was there as well. So that's the reason of Ben's drawing in his arms. I was wondering what was that when I saw a picture. hahaha Anyhoo thanks for sharing. :)

  6. hi lexi! great concert reviews and photos. do you mind if i grab some of your photos and post them in my blog?

  7. Thank you, Charmaine! Yes, you may copy any pictures you'd like. Thanks for asking! :)