Saturday, August 7, 2010

St. Louis Concert Photos

These are pictures that my parents took at the St. Louis concert! Yes, you may copy if you want to.  :)

Line waiting to get in. My parents were by the door with Libera Dreams people.

Interior of church facing stage where Libera sang and rear view of church.

One of 1/2 domes on side - window were Ralph sang is barely visible on lower right. Church almost full 30 minutes before concert starts!

Tables set outside at night. Hanging out when they were done signing.   


  1. The French forum is very grateful to you for sharing pictures!

  2. Vous etes les bienvenus.
    You are welcome! :)

  3. stefan's eyes are red in the photo O_O

  4. I just noticed now that I haven't seen Carlos in all the St. Louis photos. Was he ill or something this night?

  5. Only 18 of the 22 did the signing in St. Louis. Some of the little ones were up on the steps and then went inside. They did not seem ill but may have been too tired.

  6. Oh that's why Cassius, Luke and James T weren't there as well. Thanks for clarifying! :)