Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dallas Video

I'm now going to post my favorite videos from each of the 5 concerts. But didn't anyone take a video of Nashville? The Atlanta video is actually a slide show of all MY photos. Ha! I could've done that. I didn't take video cause my parents did in St. Louis, and I wanted to take pictures and talk to the boys. Perhaps someone will put something up for Nashville soon, otherwise I'll have to make a slideshow of my photos.  :)

This is the cutest video from the Dallas Meet & Greet by LibeLA143.

This video was taken by some Philippino girls who live in San Francisco and flew all the way to Dallas for 2 concerts. They are great fans! I like that they know each of the boys' names. We find out that Liam went to San Francisco on holiday once. Poor Jonathan was definitely sick. He has a jacket on even though Liam commented that it was very hot in Dallas. Ralph says he's immune to jet lag. Lucky guy! I love how Daniel and Kavana actually TRY to make conversation with people. And the girls even chased down Ben Crawley after the concert! Great video! Thanks for sharing!

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