Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nashville Concert Photos

These are pictures I took at the Nashville concert. A few are blurry but still good. And, yes, you may copy them if you'd like.

Before 1 of 3 morning church services.

The program for the concert.

Cool lighting before the concert.

Fiona warming up, Mr. Prizeman's director's area and the string quartet area.

Coming in for the Meet & Greet!

Matthew Rangel-Alvares

Matthew Jansen

Henry Barrington

Stefan Leadbeater

James Threadgill

Carlos Rodriguez

James Mordaunt

Daniel Fontannaz

Kavana Crossley

Ralph Skan

Sam Leggett

Luke Collins

Sammy Moriarty

Josh Madine

Alex Leggett

Jakob De Menezes-Wood

Liam Connery

Freddie Ingles

Cassius O'Connell-White

Ben Philipp

Tiarnan Branson

Jonathan Barrington

Waiting to meet Libera!

Josh & Alex

Freddie, Cassius, Ben and Tiarnan

Liam and Freddie

Ralph - there were a lot of little kids in attendance, even a small boys' choir!

Josh and Alex

Luke - I like the puppy behind him.  :)



Mini James, Daniel, Kavana & Ralph - I love this one!

And my favorite picture - the 4 cousins - Josh, Sam, Alex & Jakob. That's one handsome family!

End of the line. They still seemed to have energy left over!

Signed program!

Cool poster that Patrick gave to me to have signed! Thank you Patrick!


  1. Great Pics. Love the groups pictures of the 2 sets of 4 boys together and great poster!

  2. Wow!!!! Very nice Picture~

  3. Karina F:
    Wow! I'm a little jealous.... lol ;)
    Would be awesome to see Libera in Canada!
    Thanks for the pictures, they're great!!!! :)

  4. Hi Karina! Oooh, you may be seeing Libera in Canada this year! Hope to be there with ya! :D

  5. hope to see them not just on stage but also meet and greet and pic and shake hands and say hello. I love libera songs... So excited for their concert... Here in the philippines...