Sunday, August 22, 2010

Libera Official US Tour Video

Libera did a slideshow of their US Tour already! It's really cute! They did so much fun stuff! Daniel with his passport, LOVE Josh in the cowboy hat!!!, hayride, birthday party, cool Arch pic, I see my parents in the St. Louis crowd pic!, funny parachute pic (what on earth?!), the pic of Josh's profile with the poster of his profile (we were just to the right of Mr. Philipp!), Coca Cola World is so much fun - love the little & big bottles with Mini James & Jonathan, and rollerblading! How about THAT! Love this!


  1. Josh looked the most competant rollerblader in that picture. Ben looked a little unsteady but I bet he was making them laugh with his commentary and JB looked like he was about to fall!

  2. Hi, this is Leslie from Canada. I sat next to your parents in St. Louis. It was great meeting them, and enjoying the concert together. To Paul and Lauren, thanks again for the ride to my hotel. Perhaps we'll meet again at a future concert (hopefully this time in Kitchener, Ontario!)

  3. Hi, Leslie! So nice to hear from you! Did you see us in the Libera slideshow? We're sitting in our seats in the St. Louis church talking (of course). Would love to meet up with you again at a concert in Canada! Ontario for you and Quebec for Francis. How does that sound? :) We are posting the St. Louis Meet & Greet video right now. What a wonderful dream-of-a-night that was! So happy we got to meet other great Libera fans like you!


  4. Hello Lexy and Lauren. If you are interested in putting some volunteer energy into helping to fill the concerts, please feel free to invite lots of friends and family.
    The tour schedule will be available soon and will include great venues in southwestern Ontario.