Sunday, March 24, 2013

2013 Spring Tour Song List

Thanks to Libera's Taiwan concert promoter, Artemis Art, we now know the Spring Tour song list ahead of time! :D If this is a page from the concert program, these programs should be beautiful! Love the picture of Jude!!!

No new songs are listed, but it will be really fun to see who sings the solos. There were so many surprises last Spring in Singapore.

"The Moon Represents My Heart" sung in Chinese will probably be a special encore song. That should wow the crowd! And "Libera" should be an encore song also. Can't wait to find out! Only 9 days to go!

Song List:

1.  Dies Irae
2.  Gloria
3.  Song of Life
4.  Voca Me
5.  Sanctus
6.  I Vow To Thee, My Country
7.  Salva Me
8.  Eternal Light
9.  How Shall I Sing That Majesty


10. Orinoco Flow
11. Far Away
12. The Fountain
13. Grateful Heart
14. Ave Verum
15. How Can I Keep From Singing?
16. Stay With Me
17. Glory To Thee
18. Exultate     

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  1. I love all these songs ... sorry that I can not go see the repair Releases because I live too far .. Brazil. But I am following your blog everyday to know more news. God willing one day I will go to London to work as a volunteer in the group Libera, because my dream is to listen closely to the sound of their voices of angels. A hug from Brazil!