Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Libera in MUZIK Magazine + A Surprise

Libera is on the cover of MUZIK magazine in Taiwan! On March 9 I ordered it, and received it only 3 days later! Amazingly fast! Thank you, Taiwan! :) Fan de Lok has a great tutorial here on how to buy this magazine from the Chinese web site.

Libera is also pictured on the Contents Page and listed as the Cover Story. It's funny to see them next to the Michael Jackson show. Quite a contrast. :)

There's a 4-page article about them. It's mostly in Chinese, so I can't understand it. It looks like it is written in an interview format. Wish I knew what it says! It also shows Libera's web site and lists their concert schedule. 

The magazine has a Spotlight Concerts section where all 5 Taiwan concerts are listed.

There's a surprise on page 59 - a full page ad for the "Ave Maria" double CD titled "Asia Tour Exclusive Version." The release date is March 15, but some selling sites say March 20. It appears to be the same double CD that was released in Japan in November 2012. The cover is a combination of pictures from 2011's The Christmas Album and the 2007 New Dawn album. The song list looks like it's the same as Japan. It's very exciting for Taiwan, though! :)

Song list:

Disc #1
1.   Air on the G String
2.   Ave Maria 
3.   Silent Night
4.   Far Away
5.   Ave Maria (a 2nd version?)
6.   Twilight
7.   Sing the Story
8.   Sanctissima
9.   Recordare
10. Mother of God
11. Jerusalem
12. Faithful Heart
13. Sempiterna 14. Waltz of the Snowflakes from "The Nutcracker" (Libera-chorus version)
15. La Khalifa (Libera - chorus version)

Disc #2 - same as "Song of Life - A Collection" album
1.   Salva Me
2.   Be Still My Soul
3.   Tallis's Canon
4.   Sanctus
5.   Song of Life
6.   Ave Verum
7.   You Were There
8.   Gaelic Blessing (Deep Peace)
9.   Voca Me
10. Adoro Te
11. Ave Virgo
12. I Am the Day
13. How Shall I Sing That Majesty
14. Abide With Me
15. Gloria
16. Panis Angelicus
17. I Vow To Thee My Country

You can order this CD on several sites -

5music.com.tw            388 yuan     Chinese     English
books.com                   449 yuan     Chinese     English
pcstore.com.tw            430 yuan     Chinese     English
rakuten.com.tw           430 yuan      Chinese     English
goods.ruten.com.tw     430 yuan     Chinese     English


  1. Hi Lauren,

    This article is in traditional Chinese, so it is a little more difficult. But the translation's largely accurate as far as I know.

    Translation of Part 1:

    Title: Libera's "The Moon Represents My Heart" World Premiere (This is the song title of a popular Chinese song.) Libera's first tour to Taiwan.

    "Libera" comes from the Latin word "Free". Libera's pure, angel-like voices opens up the soul of their listeners.

    These boys come from London, and they were originally singing in a choir for a church, known as St Phillips Boys Choir. Their choirmaster Robert Prizeman rebuilt the choir, and in 1999, they changed their name to "Libera". The beautiful voices of the boys and the traditional/contemporary mix of music created a heavenly and beautiful sound called the "Libera Voice". Apart from their worldwide tours, their collaborate with many established singers, and in many productions (they go on to name several). Libera's popularity is comparable to the Vienna Boys' Choir. This spring, Libera will visit Taiwan for the first time. and will finally allow fans here to see the true "face" of these angel-like boys clad in white robes.

  2. Hi, Nob! Thank you so much for the translation! :D