Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Taiwan Greetings Video

Libera has a new video out featuring Ben and Cassius! They send greetings to the Taiwan fans first in English and then in Chinese. According to some Chinese-speaking fans, their Chinese is very good! At one point, Ben looks like he doesn't even have to read the script, but can just effortlessly speak it. It is so nice of them to make the effort to learn Chinese! Great job!

Thank you to Artemis Art for posting this video!


  1. I noticed that they read very well, must have been hard to learn this language. I still do not speak English and I find it very complicated, imagine rssss learn Chinese. A hug from Brazil and I await more news!! Jaqueline

  2. Hi, Jaqueline! I've heard Chinese is one of the hardest languages to learn, so good for them for trying! Thanks for stopping by! :D

    1. I'm happy to answer my message. You Libera team???? I would love to be part of this wonderful team that is Libera. Here in Brazil I also have a children's choir and teaching music for them. I divulge the music of Libera always more to know. Kisses. Jaqueline