Friday, March 29, 2013

Taiwan Autograph Sessions

Libera's first Taiwan concert is less than 4 days away! And we now know that there WILL be autograph signing sessions after the concerts! Awesome! :D

We already know that 26 boys will be on the tour. Artemis Art has revealed that there will be a poster with the 26 boys' pictures on it that will sell for 100 yuan. 5-6 boys will sign autographs at each concert, so if you go to all 5 Taiwan concerts, you'll get all 26 signatures. Gotta say I'm used to getting all the boys' signatures at 1 concert, but I think they've done this in Japan and Korea before because the crowds were so huge that the boys would've be there all night signing. Can't wait to find out which 26 boys will be there!

They will also be handing out balloons to some of the fans at the concert! 


Thank you to Artemis Art for the info and photos.

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