Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Video Player

Hey! We put up a new Christmas video player in the sidebar! Usually in the US, we don't start celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving (which is this Thursday the 25th), but I got excited about doing this, so please forgive me. :) The basic point of it is so that you can play the Libera Christmas songs while doing other things...that's what we're going to be doing! And nobody sings Christmas carols quite like Libera! 

There are 25 different songs, but some are repeated because I like all the different versions. It sure would be great if Libera would put out a new Christmas album. Maybe next year?  :)

I am very excited for Christmas to come! It's a really great time of year when we celebrate Christ's birth on this earth to grow up, die, and rise again so that we could be saved from our sins. That's the best gift of all. Hope this Christmas season is a great one for you!

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