Monday, November 29, 2010

London & Beverley Screenshots

I made some screenshots from LibeLA's amazing video at the London and Beverley concerts. These are sooo good! And all the boys were so kind after the concert!

Tom Cully & Sam Coates working at the London concert.

Tom Cully after the London concert.

I think he's smiling at LibeLA cause she brought him chocolate!  :)

So cute!

Matthew, Alex, Josh

Sam, Matthew, Alex

Great picture!

My favorite cause Josh is looking at the camera!


Ben - I liked the pic better with LibeLA in it.  :)

Really cute pic of Ralph!

Sam & Tom after the London concert.

After the Beverley concert - Jonathan, Sere, Liam,
 Luke, Sammy & Jakob with Steven in the back.

Liam, Luke, Sammy, Jakob, Matthew R-A,
Carlos, Freddie, Barney? & Dylan.

Hope Jonathan is not waving good-bye for the last time.

Steven & Tom at Beverley.


Sam & Tom

Ben Crawley. Aww, is that a present from LibeLA?  :)


  1. thanks again, lexi for these shots. with your permission again, can i post these pics in my FB account? oh, don't worry, i always give credit to whoever owns all the pics and vids i'm posting in my profile plus a note of invitation to visit your site. btw, i'll only post tom's pics and that of matthew madine. many thank yous!!!

  2. Lexi, I gotta admit that your blog really rocks!! I love visiting your blog everyday bcoz you keep things updated. Oh btw, did you get my two emails?

  3. Awh.. this is so clear, the pics are so cool but im must say do love the pic with the 5 cousins!

  4. Mrs. Guzman - Sure! But please give the credit to LibeLA. It's HER awesome video and pictures. Anybody can make screenshots. :)

    Hi, Charmaine! I'm really bad about checking my e-mail. I barely have time to get on FB. lol I'll check it right now. :)

    Anon - I love the cousins pic, too! :D

  5. Hi Lexi. I send an email to you already :) you can check it out. btw, don't mind if i borrow your pics for my blog. i'll credit your name.

  6. Hi, Charmaine! Sure, you can use any of my pics. If you use anyone else's like LibeLA or someone from the French forum, please just credit them. Thanks! :)