Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eternal Light on TV!

Libera posted on their blog this morning:

We will be performing our new song Eternal Light on BBC-1 this coming Sunday (21st November) on Songs of Praise at around 5pm.

So that SOP sneak peek WAS of Eternal Light! It's such a beautiful song! It looks like they filmed it in a studio rather than in an actual church. So will part of the video also include the outside filming they did at Primrose Hill and Chiswick House Gardens seen here.  Can't wait to see it! You know SOMEONE in the UK will post it on YouTube for the rest of us to enjoy!  :)

Filming inside a studio? for Eternal Light video.

Stefan singing the solo for one of the prettiest songs ever!
Sere, Luke, newbie Barney or Dylan, Daniel, Stefan, Matthew J.,
newbie Barney or Dylan and Freddie.

Did you notice those crooked candles in the back left?  :)
Looks like Tiarnan's curly hair, Ralph, Jonathan, Jakob? and Alex?


  1. Oh! so those pictures they posted quite earlier will also be shown? that's a good news. thx for the update, lexi ^^

  2. how old are you, if you don't mind? you blog very maturely.

  3. Your right lexi it was filmed in a studio.

    Libera were filmed at the South Manchester Studios
    Battersea Road, Didsbury. SK4 3EA
    Contact there is:- Tom Henderson 07798 693388


  4. Hi, Anonymous! I am 16 years old. And thanks for the information! :)