Friday, November 5, 2010

Jonathan Barrington

All the Libera boys seem really nice. They are so good at meeting and talking to new people. They do get a lot of practice, of course, but they are super nice compared to a lot of kids you meet. But one boy stands out to me as being especially nice. That boy is Jonathan Barrington. He's not the most talkative, but I think he must be nice, because you can see him being kind to the littler boys.

I first noticed this in one of my mom's St. Louis photos. It's really blurry, so we never posted it. It shows the boys standing around after the concert, and Henry, who is probably tired after a long day, is leaning up against his big brother Jonathan. How many big brothers would be that nice to their little brothers? Then I noticed it in an Atlanta photo taken by Jimmy from Japan that we already posted. Jonathan is playing with Cassius and letting him jump up on him. So cute!!!

Now we get the new Japan 2010 Tour video, and what do we see?

The boys on the Tokyo Tower elevator,
and Jonathan playing with Cassius!

Doesn't Cassius look like he just idolizes Jonathan?!
Like he's the BEST!

Then I looked back in their old videos and found this one from their Japan/So Cal 2009 video.

Mini James looks like he's hiding behind a bin, but...

...he's really on Jonathan's shoulders!  :D

In the same video it shows them in LA sitting on some strange sofa for a picture.

Jonathan is helping Freddie get up on the sofa. Awww!

And now he's up and sitting for the picture.

Here's a better picture of them all.

So anyway, any guy who helps the little kids or lets them climb all over him must be nice!

And funny!!!!  :)


  1. WOW Lexi, you really did your homework on this one. I really had not noticed this about Jonathan. Usually I pick up on these things very quickly. With Jonathan, I always notice he's kind, funny and a bit 'reserved', but that caring part I never noticed before. And it IS obvious. Thanks for sharing this Lexi!!

  2. You're welcome, Gino! And thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. I wasn't especially looking for this, but in Dallas and Fort Worth, I did notice that Jonathan is a very affable person with everyone. Easy to talk with. He was very attentive and soft-spoken with the younger kids. They just ADORE him!!

  4. I love this one :D
    Jonathan is usually ignored so this blog is really imperative.

  5. Nice to meet you. Lexi
    I am Hagy. I am Japanese.

    Thank you for information on Libera. Especially, this UK tour was taken in me who was not able to read French and your blog was very welcome.

    I also thought that JB was gentle.
    A lot of gentle appearances of him are reflected in "LIBERA BLOG 2010" improved the other day.

  6. hello nice job on that its wondrfull

  7. Hello again, Tom! Thank you Eric, hagy and jenna for stopping by. Nice to "meet" you all! :) I think Jonathan's kindness shows he must be very humble and selfless. He lets his singing do the talking. :)

  8. It is so lovely, it shows that there exists spontaneous affection, sympathy,love ... which come from God at least! I like Jonathan very much therefore! God bless you Jonathan!

  9. I haven't even known Libera for two weeks, so I still don't know all of the members that well yet. Thank you very much for sharing small and funny things you have noticed about the members. I would really like to know ALL about Libera ;P

  10. Thank you for your nice comments! A really fun way to get to know about Libera is to watch their videos on YouTube. Just search "Libera." There is sooo much there. :)

  11. You are welcome :)

    Yes I know, I think I have watched them all (almost), at least all of their interviews. But I would like to see some of their live performances besides the ones from their Libera in Concert DVD and the TV shows, but I guess the fans aren't allowed to film them at their concerts? cause I can't find any :'O

  12. Britanny MandalihanDecember 28, 2010 at 1:29 AM

    This is great.
    finally someone noticed him, cause most of the time he is not given a chance to be featured even just a couple of sec...

  13. WoW! You have a very nice blog, Lexi! And yeah.... I absolutely agree with you on this ;)J.B. does seem to be a very nice guy. (as well as Liam Connery)LOL Sorry, he's just my favourite. :)
    Whooops. It looks like Liam is doing something funny on the first picture as well. But I can't be exactly sure....
    Thanks for such a detailed post! :)

  14. i am supeeeeerrrrrr suppppeeeeeerrrr happy to read this and actually have pictures of it. i've always liked jonathan. sure, many people pass him up becoz he's not always on spotlight but gah! i was the one who didnt and i've always liked him despite everyone getting crazy over tom, josh, liam, ben crawley, etc... this blog just made me adore him more. thank you for posting. now, im gonna stalk him all over london. kidding! ... and for the record, he has the sexiest eyes and voice among all the members... if u havent heard him talk, ur missing ALL UR LIFE!!! xoxo