Monday, November 1, 2010

Peace Deluxe Details

The Japan release for the Peace Deluxe CD + DVD is today!!! The UK EMI site has this picture of the items included. You can see the CD booklet that unfolds to a poster with 18 boys' pictures and 22 signatures. I like this a lot!! There is an 18-month calendar with a picture for each month and the lyrics of the songs on the back. Please let me know if anyone receives it before I do!  :)


  1. Hi! Lexi.
    I've just received the Peace DX UK version.
    The box includes same one as you posted.
    DVD includes 5music videos (1.Lullabye 2.Time 3.Deep Peace 4.Going Home:Josh ver. 5.Libera:Michael H.) and 2 bonus features(Introducing Libera, Behind the Scenes)
    CD includes Peace + Lullabye, Eternal Light, Going Home, Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Silent Night.
    Soon, I'll receive the Japan ver. :)
    I'm listening 'Eternal Light' now. Stefan and Ralph sing with
    beautiful harmony!

  2. Congratulations, Teyko, on getting your Peace Deluxe right away! I'm sure you're loving it. :) Are you getting the Japan version with the tree cover that will be out tomorrow? I'd love to know what the extra Japan tour video is like. Wonder if it will end up on YouTube also.

  3. Thank you for kind comment Lexi!
    i Received the Japan ver. this morning!
    Japan tour video is Terrific!
    including interview-style comments for
    Libera boys and some concert's scenes.
    So it's all subtitled that enjoyable for us Japanese:)