Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bristol Concert Video

This is an excellent video from the Bristol concert taken by a member of the French forum. You can see all the Libera boys walking up to the front door of the church, and there's the 2 newbies! Love how Daniel is always smiling! :) And how Henry is singing to himself. :) It's funny to watch which boys have the most energy.

Then there's footage of the practice! How cool! You can see them fixing the robes, and is it me or did Alex have a gigantic growth spurt! And then at 2:32 notice all of the younger boys in the back watching Kavana and Daniel have a thumb war! :D (Daniel won) lol! The big boys are all talking over on the side. Then the continuation of the thumb war. I think I see Kavana cheating at 3:11! :) And cool effect with the boys practicing Adoramus! Sounds like the accoustics are amazing!

After the concert is so cute!!!! The little ones are all so adorable!!! And once again, I spy newbies! The older ones seem to have perfected the art of talking while smiling, but I love how the little ones just flat out talk. :) And there's smiley Daniel again! I love how the one newbie (Barney/Dylan?) is CRACKING UP! Somebody over in his section is funny! (and I see more dimples!) And they're all so business like while switching places! And then just how adorable the little ones are when they leave! Great video! Thanks!


  1. Great video. I'm amazed by the ease the boys show when noticing the camera, during the arrival. If ever there was some feeling of uneasiness some where amongst them, it certainly did not show. A clear sign of great professionalism for such youn people.

  2. Thanks, happy you like this vid ! :)