Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bristol Concert Pictures

There was no Meet & Greet after the Bristol concert, but we do have a few pictures. Thank you to Bullehynka from the French forum for sharing her great photos! If you copy, please credit the photographer.

Great panorama shot! Wow! Click on it for a better view!

Alex, Tiarnan, Sam, Josh, Jonathan, Liam, Jakob & Ben

And many thanks to Fan de LoK from the French forum for sharing his many excellent pics with us!  :)

Mini James, Cassius, Henry, Sere, Alex & Kavana.
Ben, Tiarnan, Daniel, Sam, Ralph & Josh.

Cute smiles!  :D

More cuteness!

Stefan, Jonathan, Sammy, Liam, Mine, Jakob & Luke.
Stefan & Liam are looking right at the camera!

Matthew R-A, Carlos, Matthew J, newbie 1, Freddie & newbie 2.

Thank you for this great one of Josh, Fan de LoK!
Only way it could be better is if he were looking at the camera!  :)


In the center is a newbie named Barney! More dimples!  :)

The other newbie - Dylan.


  1. Great pictures! LOVE the one of Josh!
    I had seen some other one's but these are a lot better! Thanks for posting them (:

  2. hi there, thelma guzman from the philippines. great pictures and thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Hi, Thelma! We've seen you on 360 and Facebook! Thanks for visiting! :)

  4. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures. It's always a blessing to see pictures of these wonderful guys anywhere they perform. I'm glad to see Mine, Barney, and Dylan, some of Libera's newer members. Everyone looks super!

  5. I agree, Tom! If I can't go to a concert, I at least want to see photos and videos instead. :) Thanks for visiting!

  6. i wonder if Barney and Dylan are the replacement to Alfie and Flynn. Sigh... i miss those guys. I just wish they didn't left Libera yet. But i'm beginning to lose hope. :(

  7. Unfortunately, it looks like Alfie and Flynn have left Libera. They haven't been at the last several concerts, and they are not pictured on the Peace Deluxe poster coming out.