Friday, October 29, 2010

Chester Concert

The concert was held at the Chester Cathedral. Chester looks like a beautiful town! Bullehynka says that Tom Cully is the Sound Assistant with Sam Coates for the concerts!

4:45 p.m.  Fan de LoK reports that that he was able to watch the full 90-minute rehearsal before the concert! Wow! When Libera arrived they got a tour of the cathedral before they started rehearsals. Ben Crawley and Tom Cully were testing the microphones of Freddie and mini James and were joking around by speaking into the mics with little kid voices.  :)  Libera sang about 12 songs and portions of others. Two concerts in one! He said it was weird to hear these songs and not be able to applaud at the end. 

The concert was just as good as Bristol. Same songs and soloists, and everyone did a very good job. He can tell they have been working very hard. But NO PHOTO SESSION at the end of the concert.  *sadface*  Steven Geraghty plays the keyboard, clarinet on "When a Knight Won His Spurs" and flute on "Exultate." That would be so nice to hear and see! There was also a string quartet and percussion - a man playing a gong! Cool!

There were CD's for sale but no bags, t-shirts or posters like in the US. It's great to hear that Daniel is still his smiley self.  :D  And mini James is becoming a very good singer with a solo on "Going Home!" Fan de LoK says his "voice is soft and measured and will grow in force in the next months/years, but he is already a very good performer, smooth and very pleasant." I love his voice in "Touch the Sky."  The WAY he sings reminds me of Josh. And that's very good!  :)

More later from FDL on Oct. 30 - "I think back to several songs yesterday, and I think that Ralph and Stefan compose a duo of really great voice! These concerts and fall of 2011 promise great moments. Stefan's voice is beautiful, efficient, powerful ... That of Ralph is quite as beautiful and deep, with perhaps a touch of sensitivity and frailty. How fortunate to have these two singers in the group.

Among the younger successors, the future already seems well launched. Mini James undoubtedly will take more and more responsibilities in the years to come. His Going Home is very good and interestingly promising!

Luke also in my opinion should obtain more responsibilities. Kavana also gave us soaring high notes which are perfectly controlled and surprisingly powerful for his size."


  1. Hi! Lexi.
    this is Teyko from Tokyo, Japan.
    Thank you so much for share us these good photos, and concert's news!
    I appreciate knowing that news about Tom ESP.
    If I could go UK, I'd like to go their concerts!

  2. I know James Mordaunt can sing beautifully! I heard him and Freddie sing "Love and Mercy" twice on the US tour. But "Going Home" is major for James, in the nature of the song, and being a much longer solo. He does have a beautiful voice, and a sweet personality! His role in Libera will, indeed, increase with experience and time. Good job, James!

  3. Teyko: You're welcome! I agree that that IS good news about Tom! I'd like to go to the UK, too! :D

    Tom: I really like mini James, too! Wish I could hear him sing "Going Home!" That's the first Libera song I ever heard.

  4. hi lexi, thelma guzman again here. you have a very good page informing us of the recent concerts of libera. thank you so much for this. i've bookmarked your page already so i can follow all your posts. by the way, i'm not a member of 360 anymore. am also inviting you to my blog where i write down my thoughts about libera (and other matters). thank you & my regards to your mom, too.