Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bristol Concert

5:00 p.m.  Per Fan de LoK after the concert, James Threadgill was not there, but Sere and Mini Akpobome were plus 2 newbies - Barney Lindsell and Dylan Duffy. His seat was so close to the stage that it felt like a private concert! Josh mentioned in his speech that yesterday was his 16th birthday. Everyone clapped which seemed to make him very happy.

The set list was the same as the US concerts except Agnus Dei was replaced with Eternal Light.

Libera  solo: Stefan and Luke
Speech by Freddie
Time  solo: Josh+Ralph+Alex and Ben+Daniel, Jakob solo at end
Sanctus  Stefan on high parts
Sanctissima  solo: Ralph
Eternal Light  solo: Stefan with Ralph and Daniel
Speech by Kavana as director to illustrate the harmonies
Ave Verum  solo: Jakob and Carlos, high parts Matthew R-A
Far Away  solo: Ralph, Kavana on high parts
Salva Me  Stefan on high parts
Speech by Ben - mentioned that people came from Canada, France,
    Japan and Spain
Exultate  solo: Stefan with Ben

Gloria  Daniel on high notes
Speech by Freddie
The Fountain  solo: Ralph
How Can I Keep From Singing?  solo: Sammy
When a Knight Won His Spurs  solo: Ralph
Love and Mercy  solo: mini James and Freddie
Speech by Josh about how he started with Libera at age 9 and just
    turned 16
Deep Peace  solo: Stefan
Stay With Me  solo: Daniel with Ralph, Matthew R-A on high parts
Going Home  solo: Mini James sang Josh's part & did very well!
Speech by Cassius
How Shall I Sing That Majesty
encore: Libera  solo: Stefan and Jakob, Ralph on high parts

When Mini James was done singing Going Home, 3 or 4 of the boys patted him on the shoulder to congratulate him. Fan de LoK said it was very touching to see.  :)  Thank you for your updates, Fan de LoK!

4:30 p.m.  Per Dani after the concert, there was no Meet & Greet. Libera had the Peace Deluxe CD for sale at the concert for £15. She said, "The concert was amazing and way better than Arundal . The boys are now really working together and the shows are better for this." She thought that Stefan, Mini James and Ralph did especially well. Thanks for the excellent updates, Dani!

8:30 a.m.  Fan De LoK is 1st in line at the Clifton Cathedral as we type!  :)  He says that Tom Cully is inside working as a technician with the equipment set-up! Concert starts at 7:30 p.m. London time!


  1. I'm glad the concert went well!
    Do you know if Josh was there? (:

  2. Yes, Josh was there! :) Everybody was there except J.T.! Those that attended guessed that he might be on vacation with his family.

  3. Hey, Rebecca! I just put up pics from the Bristol concert! I think you'll be very happy! :)