Thursday, October 21, 2010

Japan Peace Deluxe CD + DVD

There is a special Japan Peace Deluxe CD + DVD with extra features. Thanks to rabbie from Japan for telling us about it. It seems to have everything the regular Peace Deluxe CD + DVD has except the cover is different (very pretty), and I don't see anything about a poster. Plus there ARE 3 other videos:

1. "Far Away" Japan edition
2. "You Were There" Japan edition
3. A behind-the-scenes short film about 30 minutes long featuring Libera's arrival at Narita Airport, footage and members comments from their April 2010 concert. That would be really cool to see! Wonder if they'll do something like this for the US version with US concert footage.  

The release date is November 3, 2010. You can purchase it at the Tower Records site

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